Monday, October 02, 2017

Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 1] Arrival Lombok Airport, Tanjung Aan and Merese Hill, Lombok | Part 1

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

That is the word describe how I feel right now.

Actually I want to share my Lombok Travelogue earlier but due to some technical problem and I end up postpone this post. The main reason is that I lost the pictures during the travel that made me almost cry because my laptop RAM damage. And now I manage to get most of the photo but most form my go-pro camera cannot be recover. But still, I wanted to share my experience to Lombok, Indonesia. I really want to share my beautiful memories at Lombok with youuu~

The trip was planned 2 month ahead and during the planning process, we've been through so many things that make the plan up and down and I'm glad that the trip went as we planned. It is a 4 days and 3 night trip to Lombok, Indonesia with my friends. 

I'm ready to depart~

But....... our flight delayed almost 1 hour. 
We're rushing in the morning for nothing then. Huhuhuuu~

While waiting, Let's take a selfie. We're enjoy playing with the SNOW APPS. Hee~

Finally, we're in the flight and ready for boarding~

Hi sky~

I can see the Lombok welcome us from up here !


Hirup udara Lombok

Arrived at Lombok International Airport

After we reach the Lombok Airport, our driver a.k.a Supir already stand-by waiting for us to arrive. I'm glad that the service of the Supir I booked is friendly and nice. You can PM me in you want to know more about the Supir Service I used. Totally recommend it! 

Since, our flight delay, we reach Lombok around 5pm like that. So we cannot cover so many places on the first day. Without wasting our time, the first place we went is Tanjung Aan Beach & Merese Hill. One of interesting place you must visit at Lombok. I

 Tanjung Aan Beach & Merese Hill 
Tanjung Aan and Merese Hill area practically side-by-side where Merese Hill is located on the southern coast of Lombok. Once we reach at the area, we can see the view of the beach that greet us. Some people advice that if you want to visit some beaches near Tanjung A’an, better for you to go to the beach early in the morning, but since we arrive late, so we cannot spend so much time at the beach instead we climb the Merese Hill where we can enjoy sunset on the beautiful view. I find that Merese Hill is the place where you can witness the beautiful magnificent view.

I wasn't excited much on the climbing part but I still climb up the Merese Hill because I want to witness the spectacular view. I was amaze with the view! Subahanallah! Woahhhh.. SO BEAUTIFUL !! Tanjung Aan Beach is actually surrounded by some hills so you can't see much until you climb up! YOU MUST CLIMB!! Make sure you are wearing comfortable hiking shoes. I know I'm not wearing a suitable shoes to climb but glad that I'm wearing sandal that stand the climbing activity.

We gather our energy to climb up the hills. Hehehee..

The climbing may take some time like 10-15 minutes and it may be a little bit fatigue for us to reach the top of the hill because it's climbing a hill but once you reach the top you'll forget the fatigue because the view was superbbb. Plus, The whereabouts of the shepherd with his cows also adds to the beauty of the scenery.

On the half way there, we can see the beautiful view already :)

This is how the view looks like from the higher level! STUNNING!!!!

Habis happy dah muka tuuu~

Let me enjoy the view at the moment. 

I read one article that Tanjung Aan has a curved shape flanked by two hills that seawater has become calmer so that the region could become an attractive option to enjoy a swim and soak in seawater.

To be honest, the view is much more beautiful to witness with your own eyes. 

It is definately worth to climb up the Merese Hill because the scenery is spectacular !

Okay, I think I spam to many picture here. Hehehe. I will continue part 2 later. If you want to know what I do after this. Pleas stay tune for my Lombok Travelogue. I still have so many things to share with you and some tips too!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. seriously, Lepas ni memang nk pergi sangat Lombok. Thanks for review. Will continue follow up your entry =)

    1. Welcome. Nanti baca lagi ye. Banyak lagi story nak share ni. hehehee..

  2. Akak dh pi Lombok..cuma akak x naik Tanjung Aan tu...akak pi pantai dia kat bawah tu sensorang..tau2 diorang dh turun dh..amenda ntah

    1. Hhehehee.. View dari atas memang cantik sangat SUbahannallah.

  3. Lawa gila kan view dekat bukit merese. Masa i pergi dulu rumput dia tak hijau macam ni pun. Rumput kering masa tu.

    1. Yeke, mungkin time kamarau kot. Alhamdulillah time pika pergi rumput hijau and view cantik!

  4. Tiba2 rindu pulak suasana kt lombok,hahahaha 😊..Mmg terbaik 👍🏼