Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Avon FEMME & HOMME Exclusive Fragrance | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Who does not know AVON right??
I'm actually growing up using Avon products and still using them until now. Avon is the company that stands for beauty, innovation, empowerment and above all for women. You can expect more than just a beauty product with Avon. They come out with wonderful products that you can't resist. Most important is that every product is affordable to get !

Introducing the Avon Exclusive Fragrance for HER and HIM. 
The moment I get the perfume I'm so excited by looking at the packaging especially the one for HER! Wuuuuu~

 Avon FEMME Exclusive Eau de Parfum (50ml) 

This is how the packaging for Avon FEMME looks like. I really like how the packaging and the shape of the bottle where it has the hint of diamond shape. It looks and feel exclusive. Match with the name of the fragrance ! It comes in 50 ml and Eau de Parfum. Plus point because it comes in purple color which is my favorite color. Heee~

What I can describe about the scent is that it has the hint of sophisticated yet glamours at the some time. For Avon FEMME Exclusive Fragrance it has an elegant touch of oriental flax from the light pear, dazzling rhythm, and the warmth of black vanilla essence that lasts all day in your body. The scent is more like a Floral Oriental with a hint of Vanilla. Which it reflect on the beautiful moments that made you Sparkling, Glamorous, and Captivating.

I use this fragrance quite frequent especially when I'm going out for an event or even when I'm working as for daily scent. It definitely stay on captivates from day to night. It last on me quite long I can say about 6-8 hours, it depends on my activity and environment that time. 

Price: RM89.00 wm/ RM102.40em
Availability: All Avon Beauty Boutiques nationwide, Zalora and Avon’s online shop

 Avon HOMME Exclusive Eau de Toilette (75ml) 

This is how the packaging for Avon HOMME looks like. The bottle does symbolic like a men where it is simple yet sleek. The color is blue which also one of the men hint to it. It comes in 75ml and Eau de Toilette. I give this fragrance to my love to give it a try and he also like this perfume.

If you ask me as a women, how does this Avon HOMME smells like, I'll definitely saying I love it. I love when men using fragrance scent like this where it is not too much yet have the dazzling scent of a gentlemen. Wuuu~ Glad that on his opinion, he also love the scent of this perfume. It is more like a Woody Aromatic where it is a luxurious fragrance tempts aromatic baths from the freshness of grapefruit, warmth of the spice and vetiver.

It is revel in the moments that made you which is refined, confident, and charismatic

Price: RM89.00wm/102.40em
Availability: All Avon Beauty Boutiques nationwide, Zalora and Avon’s online shop

TWICE the charisma with Avon HOMME & FEMME !

Don't forget to get the Avon FEMME & HOMME Exclusive Fragrance now!
Let's reveal out confident and charisma feels together~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Sangat wangi dan berbaloi 😊,bau yg sgt fresh..Let's go to get it now!!!

  2. Decent post. I was checking always this blog and I am inspired! To a great degree supportive data uniquely the last part I look after such information a considerable measure. I was looking for this specific data for quite a while. Much obliged to you and good fortunes.

  3. Is the scent is strong and last longer? The avon femme exclusive.

    1. Yes, the scent more like sophisticated style and I love wearing this if I have an offical or formal event.

  4. Is the avon femme is last longer?

    1. Yas it does. It last on my up to 6-8 hours but it also depends on the environment and weather.