Friday, September 22, 2017

Sheseido WASO GARDEN RAVE Exclusive Party

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Date: 19th August 2017
Venue: Metal Bees, Sunway Damansara

All things beautiful come from NATURE

Hope it is not to late for me to write about this cool party I joined last month. Hehehe. It is WASO GARDEN RAVE Party, Malaysia's first ever morning rave as they introduce WASO by Sheseido. This is actually a new hydration range from Shiseido, which harnesses the power of pure, natural ingredient. So skin breathes easy, and you're free to be you

The party was massive with soo many beautiful people! I just can't take my eyes of them. Hehehee..

They have this fun Hola-hop grooving to a fresh beats of DJ XA. 

My favorite station! POPCORN..

It's time to do some fun activity, The first activity I do it DIY Flower Crown.

They use fresh flowers !

Well, I'm not really good at this in fact that this is my first time doing a flower crown using fresh flower. 

Well, I'm quite satisfied with the result I made. Hehehee

Candid shoot with ma sista, Kak Jujai cyg

Next, I also do this terrarium project. During my diploma time, I already do this as a part of my assignment. And now they even bring it out as part of fun activity. 

Choose your cactus.

The props are ready!

Look how focus I am that time. 

Tadaaaa~ This is how my terrarium project turns out. Jangan tanya berapa kali kena cucuk dengan duri cactus tu. hahahahhaa.. Tak terkira~

The best thing when going to party is to mingle !
with Megan and Elvina

with Amanda Imani

with Sarah and Suzai

 I'm having fun at the Party ! Thank you Shiseido Malaysia for throwing such an amazing party for us. Thanks to Suzai and Sarah for being awesome as you are and help me when I'm falling during the event. Gahahaha *maluuuu jap ! Next time I better be careful. Hihihiii..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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