Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Lombok Travelogue: [DAY 1] Dinner at Rumah Makan and Check-in Puri Sengigi Hotel, Lombok | Part 2

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On our first night at Lombok we stay at Senggigi area. After all the fun at Merese Hill (HERE), of course we're all hungry and looking for a place to dine-in. Pak Ijul (our Supir) bring us to one place where we can enjoy Lombok dishes. 

 Dinner at Rumah Makan 
Rumah Makan, this is the place where the Pak Ijul (Supir) bought us for our dinner.

This is how the Rumah Makan looks like. They have indoor and outdoor where you can choose according to your preferences. We choose to stay outdoor as to enjoy udara Lombok at night giteww

Once we receive the menu, it is kinda blurr for us to choose which one should we try since their food menu quite different compare to Malaysia. Since the waiters saw that we're kinda blurr, she suggest us to try the package menu where it has 4 portion which suitable for 4 of ue!

Package 3 - RP 285,000
This is the package that we choose. Our table is full with food that night. 

Let me show you in details how the menu/lauk-lauk looks like. 

Ayam Bakar Taliwang. 



Pelecing Kangkung

 Lalapan + Sambal

Sayur Bening

Rajang Kuning - Ikan laut 

we enjoy our dinner~
Overall, the taste of the food at Lombok is quite different compare at Malaysia. I don't really know how to describe how the food taste like. Hehee..but it taste quite good and kena dengan tekak la. Most important that we all KENYANGGGG!

 Check-in Puri Sengigi Hotel 

I booked the hotel through online ( earlier when I'm at Malaysia. While browsing the website I found this one hotel that catch my attention that is Puri Senggigi, Senggigi Lombok. Since this only for one night stay, so I find that this hotel might be suitable for us. I booked 2 room of Standard Double Room (include Breakfast) that cost about RP 550,000/room. I'm glad that there is no prepayment needed while booking so we pay it on the front desk and glad that the front desk also available for 24 hour. The claimed that Puri Senggigi Hotels have outdoor pool and view of garden. Unfortunately, we arrive at night so we couldn't enjoy much about that. Hehehee... In the room it has flat-screen TV and seating area at the balcony. There's also mini-mart (like 7eleven) located near by the hotel. 

This is how the rooms looks like. I was amaze with the vanity table that made of from rattan. Antique!

Queen bed

Toiletries that they provide only the soap and towel. If you "high maintainace" (like me) you better bring your won toiletries. Heheheee..


Overall, I think that this hotel is suitable for one-night stay only. Not really recommend if you planning to stay for a long time. It is quite affordable to spend at night before we continue out trip to Gili Trawangan on the next day. The WiFi connection is SUPER-SLOW ! I have to hang-out at the balcony to get the connection. I can;t get the connection if I'm in the room. The toilet tiles is quite slippery. The service is nice.

That night, we also planning budget for the next day ! Hehehe..
We have a great rest time at Puri Senggigi Hotel that night. And excited for another activity on the next day. Wuuhuuuu~

Wait for the post yahhh. To be continue..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Tak sabar nak baca lagi...walau dah pernah pi sini...tetap rasa nak repeat lagi..

    1. Kan kan.. Pika pun rindu nak pergi LOMBOK.. Nanti pika update story lagi.. Tengah kemas kini data apa semua. Heee.. Mencari idea nak story.. Tunggu ea:) Thank youuuu

  2. Paling suka ayam taliwang dengan pelecing is terung. Went there last year. Hotel2 kat sana mmg mostly pesen antik sket. Hotel yg i duduk dulu laaaagi klasik, haha

    1. Kan. Mostly design classic. Glad kitaorg pilih ayam. Sedapp. yang paling penting kena dengan tekak. Hihihii..