Friday, January 20, 2017

Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery | review

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Girls and lippie color cannot be separated. Hehehee. One color is not enough in their collection. We (girsl) always want more and try more varities of color. This time I'm showing another beautiful lippie color from Zahara Cosmetics. If your read my previous review on Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie and Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss you know how I madly in love with their liquid lipstick. And now I want to introduce my new favorite color from their collection that is Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery! What so mystery about this shades?? Let's find out~

Packaging: First of all let me briftly explain about the packaging. The packaging is the same as the rest of their liquid lipstick collection that I had previously which make it different is the tube color because it is depends on the lippie color inside the tube. It also quite different from any other liquid lipstick in market now because it is slightly longer with white cap/ cover and has simple label "ZAHARA" at the tube parts. At the bottom part as usual, where the code are labeled.

This is how the applicator looks like.
 The applicator also different from the regular liquid lipstick applicator because it has a flat like a 'peddle' shape and slightly bigger.longer in size. 

The swathes of Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery on my hand. 

Color/Shades: I'm in LOVE with the color!!! I really like this Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery because the color is enchantingly beautiful such a nice plum lippie for a mystery look. Some people said that more like a vampy but for my personal opinion it is more like a plum that perfect for any skin tone. Trust me! You need this color in your collection. Hihihiii..

The swatches of Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery on my lips.

Pigmentation: It is pigmented enough since it is a real matte finish. Turns out beautifully with just one glides on my lips. I like how Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery pigmentation. I think because of the color also play a role for the pigmentation as well. 

Texture: The texture of this Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery is creamy smooth when apply on the lips. yet it get dry-up after a few second. When it is dry it does not hurting my lips at all. It feels so much comfortable and I can open my mouth easily as well.. It has real matte finish with hint of powdery to it. However, I advice you to apply lipbalm before apply this lipstick. 

Scent/Smell: No weird smell to this Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery. Maybe you can scent a strong scent on the applicator during application but it won't bother after that you'll smell like nothing. So, I'm fine with it!

This is how Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery looks like on me.

Longevity:  It is last quite long on me. No transfer after use. Sometimes, after I eat a full-meals it get pathcy a little bit so I just need to topup the lippie on tcertain area again. Overall, if you eat with care you won't end-up like me cause I'm a heavy eater! Mihmihmihhh~ I can say that it last on my lips for about 8-9 hours. Also depending on my activity that day. 

Overall, I really like Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery. I love the color and I think this color is a must have for every beauty junkie out there. Such a pretty color with a great formulation. This Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Mystery won my hearth. I fell more confident when I'm wearing this especially if I'm going out for an event. It compliment my skin tone very well and I bet it also will compliment any type of skin tone. The color is definitely a must have in you lippie collection! So far, Zahara Liquid Lipstick never fail me!. I love every color but this is definitely my bias at the moment. Hehehee.. Such a stunning liquid lipstick! 

Price: SGD 22 / RM68+-
Availability: Zahara Website

I hope you like my review and find this helpful for you.

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