Monday, November 21, 2016

Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

You probably know about Liquid Lipstick that I'm currently obsess with non others than Zahara Liquid Lipstick. I mention about this quite a lot on my blog and social media; for the Easy Smokey Purple Makeup Tutorial and the Unboxing Haul from Zahara. Of course my my latest entry on my October Favorites. Why am I so hype about this liquid lisptick??? Let's find out why.......

Packaging: This is how the liquid lipstick looks like. The packaging of this liquid lipstick quite different from any other liquid lipstick in market now because it is slightly longer. it comes in a clear tube so you can see the color right though the tube. the cap/ cover was in a white color and it has simple label "ZAHARA" at the tube parts. at the bottom part as usual, where the code are labeled. 

Zahara Liquid Lipstick applicator looks like. It is a bit different for the regular liquid lipstick applicator. It has flat surface for both side and slightly big. 

The swatch of Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie on my hand

This is how Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie looks like on my lips. It is a matte-dry finish yet it does not hurt my lips at all. 

Color/Shades: Sweetie is more like a soft pink color which suitable for the name itself, sweet! As you all know, people who wear pink will ultimately show the feminane side of them and also come with sweet touch to it. This also apply to lipstick color. The color somehow makes my lips looks fuller and bigger I think because of the color. It is light soft pink with hint of nude on me. I think this color will appear differently according to your skin tone.  

Pigmentation: It is pigmented as for a matte liquid lipstick. I love how the pigmentation take over with just one glide on my lips. For this sweetie code it does show a streaks/line effect to my lips yet it do not bother me at all since it streak will only be seen after 2-3 hours of wearing and also if you give a closer look to my lips. You know how I hate if the lipstick show streaky/ line effect to my lips and I think most people will hate it too but to be honest I find it okay with Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie because it streaky yet the color still pop-outs on my lips not like the line with no color on my lips. Ohhh! I'm doom.. I hope you can understand my explanation. Hahhahahaa... Anyway,  Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie spread nicely on my lips since the applicator is quite big then usual liquid lipstick applicator. Sometime I can fill up the whole lips with just one glide/touch of the applicator.

Texture: The color is opaque and the texture seem creamy at the first begining but it dries after a few second. It it matte finish at the end. You have to work fast with this liquid lisptick as to spead it all over your lips but don't worry, it will not drying as quickly ad you think but it works better if you can apply throughout your lips quickly. Here another things I need to highlught. Even-tho it is a matte liquid lipstick but it will not hurt your lips at all. It dries matte yet it does not caue any irritation to your lips like some other liquid lipstick will do. Such a great product. So you can apply smooth and creamy then set dry so that you can look beautiful without a worry.

Scent/Smell: You can smell something like a 'strong' smell if you directly smell to the applicator but once you apply Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie you will smell nothing. So i assume it as no weird smell to this lipstick nor pleasant smell either. Hehehee.

Longevity: It last on me for a long time more than I expected. I can say for about 8-10 hours (depends on your activity). Sometimes it even last when I eat, but for sure some of it will slowly disappear together with my food then flow in my stomach. Hahhahaa.. But most of it stay nicely on my lips. When I drink there's no transfers on the cup. A great product to be highlight! But you still need to apply lipbalm / liptreat before you apply this liquid lipstick as to ensure the moisture to your lips as well as to get the perfect based for the liquid lipstick. The color amazingly long lasting on me! I'm in love with it. 

This color make my makeup look stunning even for a light-makeup. Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Sweetie such a great color for daily or light makeup look. It is  light pinky-nude shade is a staple of every girl out there. It somehow show a girly / feminine side of you. 

Price: SGD 22 / RM68+-
Availability: Zahara Website

Not only it is a good liquid lipstick but it also a Halal cosmetics that provide a great performance to the wearer. It is  long lasting as the way I like it. Just to claim that, I never apply this liquid lipstick without apply lipbalm because I hate my lips drying. Hehehe.. So, I advice to everyone, either you wear lipstick or not. Please apply lipbalm. Make it as you daily routine so that your lips stay fuller and moisturize as well. I hope you find this helpful for you.

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