Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Haul: Unboxing ZAHARA Halal Cosmetics

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Another Unboxing post. I think it is been awhile since I made any Unboxing kinda post. This is featuring a new brand that I just recently discover that is ZAHARA Halal Cosmetics. Another excitement for me!! Yeayyyy... ZAHARA is a Halal Cosmetics brand based in Singapore that provide a high quality, stunning cosmetics tailored for Muslim women all around the globe. It is a combination of a faith and beauty to craft the perfect makeup line. Makeup isn't one formula fits all, and everybody wants the best make-up for their body. They still in motion as to create the finest makeup especially for all women.

Let's take a look what I got from ZAHARA Cosmetics recently. **Exciteddddddddd..

ZAHARA Quattro Halal Eyeshadow Palette - Vintage Romance 
Another eyeshadow palette add-up on my collection. Wuuhuuu~ What I like about this eyeshadow is the shades. I don't really have much this kinda combination of pink and dark purple eyehsadow in my collection and glad I grab this. Jyeahhh.. This is a Halal Eyeshadow consist of 4 different shades in 1 palette which is for the base, highlighting, defining and crease. Looking forward for the outcome soon! More info about this eyeshadow, check out HERE

ZAHARA Breathable Nail Polish - Simply Covered 
Let me think when was the last time I'm wearing any nail polish..... Hurmmmm.. couldn't recall. Hahaha. But but but thisssss make me wanna put on a nail polish again. It is a wudhuk-friendly nail polish guysssss! AWESOME.. I got mine in a nude shade which suitable for an event or any occasion as well. The reason it is a wudhuk-friendly is that the oxygen formulation that allow water and oxygen to pass through the polish to reach your nails. Say goodbye to unhealthy nails and hello to freedom for your nail. More info, check out HERE

ZAHARA Halal Liquid Lipstick - Sweetie 
Last but not least!!The ever raving halal liquid lipstick from ZAHARA. I choose mine in shade sweetie which is more like a nude pink tone to it. and it is sooo god because the moment this box arrived I directly swatch the liquid lipstick on my lips and I was surprise with the formulation. So awesome. I don't want to elaborate more because I'm going to make another special post review about this. Wait yahhh! More info, can refer HERE.

Overall, I'm a HAPPY KID now~~
Makeup Look featuring ZAHARA Halal Cosmetics will be up soon. Wait for it!

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Do you think they have nail polish in black color? And where to buy them in Malaysia instead of from Fashion Valet.

    1. Yes they do sell nail polish in black color if I'm not mistaken. So far you can purchase via Fashion Valet or their websites only.