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Faith in Faith New Arrival Products | review + Giveaway

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you read my previous entry about how amazing is Faith in Face Hydrogel Face Masks now their back with new product. Wuuuhuuu~

Introducing Faith in Face NEW ARRIVAL product that now available in Malaysia, include; Faith in Face pearl cellulose sheet mask (5 types), Faith in Face eye am not tired hydrogel eye mask, Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water, Faith in Face AHA Peel so good peeling gel, Faith in Face All-lighty cleansing oil.

Faith in Face is a popular brand from Korea. Their product always come in a Vintage style packaging with catching verbs for each of their products. I really like their packaging and style of message they want to delivers in each products. 

Faith in Face Pearl Cellulose Sheet Mask - RM7.90/pcs
This is their NEW range of Face masks that know for cellulose sheet mask. 
In this range they have 5 different types that you can choose base on your skin condition. 
1.Relaxing Care - Soothing, Moisturizing, Vitality
2. Healthy Look - Moisturizing, Strengthening, Nourishing
3. Always Bright - Whitening, Refreshing, Moisturizing
4. S.O.S Save Out Skin - Skin tone correcting, Illuminating, Moisturizing
5. Perfect Makeup - Pore Care, Softening, Moisturizing

The mask sheet is thin yet it is strong enough to hold the goodness in the mask. It is made of soft and adhesive fibers (non-irritating) that effective as serum transfer for your skin. it is translucent and comfortable for most of face shape. There no wierd scent in this mask so you can enjoy and relaxing while applying this mask 

Faith in Face Eye Am Not Tired Hydrogel Eye Mask - RM29.90/box
In one box contain about 4 pairs of the eyepach. Which you can used it for 4 times. This is a most wanted product by Faith in Face. It is more like an eye patch that helps to improve your under eyes problems like eyebags, dark circle, fine-lines and more. Basically it helps in term of moisturizing and brightens your under eyes.  

This eyepatch is made of hydrogel texture so you can feel like a soft jelly under your eyes. But please don't eat it. It is just a description. Hehehe..You have to carefully peel off the thinner protective film of the eye mask. Apply the mask, fitting it to the curves below eyes, Then, remove the thicker protectibe film from the outside of the mask. After 30 minutes, remove the mask and discard. Gently pat the face with fingertips to help the skin absorb the remaining essence. I find it is easy to wear and it keep my under eyes liek a cooling effect. Keep my eyes more relaxing and calm. 

Faith in Face AHA Peel So Good Peeling Gel -  RM44.90/125ml
This is a peeling gel and more like an exfoliator for your skin, where it gently exfoliate you skin and helps removes dead skin as well as improve your skin texture. It leaves your skin more fresh, soft and slightly bright. It is safe for all skin types.

After you're done cleansing your face, use this peeling gel gently massage onto your skin. Make sure to dry off your face and hands first before use this peeling gel. After you can see the peeling gel form like a texture for about 30 seconds you can wash you face. What a simple step. Then You face is ready to absorb goodness from your serum or masks ingredients. 

Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water  - RM39.90/300ml
Isn't it the best if we can have water that can remove our makeup so this is what Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water basically do. This is another best selling product from Faith in Face as well. This water can remove your face, eye and lips makeup with no worries or irritating effect. It is gentle yet it help to remove your makeup effectively.

Apply the Cleansing Water onto cotton pad and let it set on your eyes for about 5-10 seconds before you gently swipe off the eye-makeup  For your face you only need to be gentle wipe it outwards onto your face. It's mild yet effective, suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallerginic, no added paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial fragrance, colorant.

Faith in Face All-lighty Cleansing Oil - RM75.90/200ml
This product is suppost to be used like a massage onto your face but I don't prefer to be used like that because somehow I feel like it is not effective for me so I used cotton pad instead. I put this product onto a cotton pads and remove the eye makeup and lips makeup. Well, you can't doubt when using oil to remove makeup it is effective.

It can remove any waterproof makeup easily specially mascara. You need to handle with care so it does not get in into your eyes, so be gentle. It help to remove full face makeup and clean dirst that clogged in pores. with a light formulation that based with rosehip, it is suitable for all skin type and also sensitive skin. 

Availability: Faith in Face website, Watsons, & Hermo

If you interested to purchase any of Faith in Face product. you can use this Discount code FIFXSYAFIQAH. Just key in promo code before checking out the orders. You'll enjoy 20% discount of the total bill.
*Valid from 19 Jan - 2 Feb 2017


WIN yourself a Faith in Faith Beauty Set includes:-
> 3 x hydrogel mask
> 1 x pearl cellulose sheet mask
> 1 peeling gel

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  1. Why you want to win this Faith in Face Beauty Set?"
    The review makes it soo tempting to try Faith in Face product. Struggle to get rid darkline under the eyes exemplifies the desire even. more

    1. Thank you for joining Along Pedos. Hahahaa.. GOODLUCK!

  2. I would love to win this set for my sister so that she can have faith in her face! Hahaha

  3. "Why you want to win this Faith in Face Beauty Set?"
    I am a mask lover, and I never try these masks before, I hope to join and WIN them all. LOL ... cause they looks Wonders in your blog post.

  4. I believe Faith in face beauty set can make my face glow and fresh like a new person and boost up my confidence to face the day. Muahhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Wah bestnyaaaa! I want to win this set because it would be great to freshen up to a new year with some faith for my face. Hehe.

  6. Nak menang sebab nak cantik selalu, nak awet muda selama-lamanya. 25 forever git... HAHAHA! :D thanks for hosting the giveaway pikaaaa <3

  7. Why???hehehe..because im going to be 32 this year.cant believe it...the darkness the hardness..owh my..kekeke...need something to patch up my face..truly madly deeply do..

  8. "Why you want to win this Faith in Face Beauty Set?"
    Because the way Piqa review macam best je.So hopefully i can win and wear the faith product so i can have faith in my face..haha :p lately ni byk sgt make up so mmg perlu mask ni! ;)

  9. i want to win this because i haven't try this product before but reading on your review it aroused me to give a go! especially that Hydrogel Mask. haha because i love korean mask so much!