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Faith in Face Hydrogel Facial Mask review


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Check this out! What a cute surprise I got from Faith in Face!

Faith in Face is originated from South Korea and it is the most talked-about moisturizing hydrogel facial masks over there and brand that most chosen among Koreans and their celebrities as well. This masker is catering to various according to the skin care needs. I love the packaging comes in pink based with variant vintage design on it. On the packaging also have some beauty tips and briefly explanation about the masker. You can read all the description while enjoy wearing the masker like I do ;)

It come with 5 variants:-
After Shower Look - Soothing & Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask
The mask contains Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate and Camellia Oil. It able helping the skin feeling fresh, moisturized and supple after using it. 

Nourish Me - Nourishing Hydrogel Mask
By combining Ceramide 3, Broccoli Extract and Olive Oil. Th will helps to nourish dull skin back to health and radiance. 

Miss Invisible Pore - Pore Tightening Hydrogel Mask
It contain Salicylic Acid, Pappermint Extract, Witch Hazel Extract and Chestnut Shell Extract. This has a unique formula combinations that effectively and safely reduces sebum and tightens pores.

Hold Me Tight - Lifting & Firming Hydrogel Mask
The mask contains Copper Tripeptide, Rooibos Extract and Red Ginseng Extract. This functioning to recover and strengthen the firmness of skin. 

Black & White Film Star -  Whitening Hydrogel Mask
The mask comprises of Niacin Amide, Green Tea Extract and Citrus Unshiu. This gives your brighter and more flawless skin. 

Unlike the normal sheet mask that made from microfiber or cotton, Faith in Face mask is different because it is hydrogel mask. It contains up to a high percentage of water-soluble ingredients offering superior hydration for up to 40 minutes. Not only that, It provides a 5-degree cooling effect on the skin that resulting from beta-glucans that revitalizes and rejuvenates tires, stressed skin. With Faith in Face masker you can say bye bye to your normal cotton sheet mask. Ehee~

Price: RM11.90 each (inclusive of GST 6%)
Availability: major Watsons outlets nationwide

Okay guys..Don't be shock! Eheee..
This me, wearing this masker before sleep. To pampering myself after so many works I've done daily. I totally love this masker. Definitely different compared to any other masker I have tried before maybe because of the hydrogel mask sheet. it feel soft and bouncy-kinda-feel on my skin. For my personal opinion I really love the idea of Faith in Face Hydrogel Mask. We need masker that able to delivered all ingredient to our skin with high percentage instate of loosing it to the packaging right. My best option is to place this masker in the refrigerator before used it and I will take it fresh from it directly apply to my skin. Ohhh! The cooling effect is amazing. You feel so fresh and nourish at the same time. This mask is divided into two different for upper face and lower face. I cover well according to face-shaped. For those who want to try something new for their masker collection you can check out Faith on Face Hydrogel Mask. You will satisfied with it. Enjoy your masker night guys!

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  1. Hydrogel mask smkn femes skrg. Liz pn suka sbb extra sejuk dr mask yg mcm cotton pad tu

    1. Haa.. Betul tuuu.. Bertambah sejuk sebelum apply tu simpan dalam peti dulu kan.. BESTT..