Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shopping Haul: SEPHORA, Kiehl's, MAC, and Uniqlo


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Hee,,On Sunday, 15.11.15. Hahaa.. I have to mark this date tho because it is the day I put a revenge to myself and go for shopping after being "trap" in my study life and currently try to finish my FYP works. Hahaha.. I went to Sunway Pyramid and accidentally Ter-shopping. Here some product I purchase. I do a lot of saving to purchase these items. Kachinggg~

 Actually I'm kinda sad because I miss the SEPHORA Member Private Sale on 21-24 OCT. Arghh! I couldn't make it because I was at Melaka that time. Because there some products I want to purchase with 20% off is much better. But, Forget it! Hahahaa.. Here the two item I choose. No fancy makeup. hehehe... The Sephora Face KONJAC cleasing sponge and Benefit the Porefessional. No much words except love, Hehhehh.. Wait for my review for each item okeh! Hehehee..

Siapa mata panda? Heee~
I'm currently out of stock for my previous eye cream product and still looking for eye cream that will help to improved my dark circle problem. I finally decided to try out Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream (RM166) and Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line-Reducing, Eye-Brightening Concentrate (RM177). I've heard so many good respond towards this products. Let me try it for myself. I will update more review about it either it works for me or not. I have to wait at least 3 months right. Hehehee.. Hopefully it works for me. Amiin! Hehee..

Balas dendam ke apa ni?? Hahaha..
Actually I did not purchase this 3 lipsticks at the same time. I purchase it on different date and time just I put out together in this Shopping Haul. The first lipstick I purhcase is Mac Neon Orange follow by Mac Real Sexy and the recent purchase is Mac Twig. Haaa.. If you notice that the texture for this lipsticks is different. I normally purchase MAC Matte lipstick and this is the time I find that I need to try some other different texture. I know some of you might have more that what I owned now. Jealous of youuuu.. Its okay. I do more saving later on. Hehehee.. I will update review for these lipsticks base on my personal opinion. WAITTT~

Alamak! Kantoi pakai size godang. Hehehee..
I sooo in love with Uniqlo AIRism. The most comfortable inner-wear I have tried. The first purchase I made on April I try two from their collection that is long sleeves and Short sleeves. Both in black. It is sooo comfortable and suitable with Malaysia weather. I tend to get sweating easily. Like if I walk from my house to the car I sweating already. YUP! But with this AIRism it is awesome! Make me feel comfortable all day long of wearing. I RECOMMENDED for you to try this. The best is the first purchase I made the price was RM59,90 but now Uniqlo in sale and this AIRism drop to RM29.90 only!!! OMG, Without any further thinking I just simply grab 3 it. Hehehee.. 

Most of the product I will make the full review. InshaaAllah.. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Wehh gile laa u ni shopping. Tk gaya student, ni kalau liz confirm kene catu makan hahaha. Eye cream, liz ada juga to x rajin pakai dr dr.ko punya hahaha

    1. hehee.. once awhile. Hee.. Saving la sikit kan. Ngee..'Pika memang ada dark circle problem so I need eye cream. So hope this better be good. Hahaa..

  2. Wahhhhh! Fana lama jugak tak shopping. Lepas kawen lah! Hahahaha

    1. yeayyy! tak sabarrr pika untuk fana.. hehehee.. Jom shopping sesama!