Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My first experience trying Carbon Peel Laser from IDO'S Clinic


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
I was introduced to IDO'S Clinic on September and I was so excited to try out their services. Well, this is my very first time dealing with Aesthetics and I'm super nervous but I handle with care because I believed that IDO'S will provide great service to me. Eheee.. If you've been following my journey.. (Hahhaa..Over je journey) you will know that I've been fighting with breakouts like almost a year and half. Frustrating weyhhhhhh! Hahhaa.. So I hope with IDO's Clinic service this will help me to improve my skin even better.
Let me brief a little bit about IDO'S Clinic. IDO'S Clinic is a comprehensive chain of skin. laser, and aesthetic clinics focusing on evidence-based, state of the art lasers and aesthetic innovations to restore and enhance your skin, face and body. IDO's Clinic is where beauty, art and medicine become one.
So I decide on 25th September 2015 I set an appointment with them at IDO'S Clinic Puchong SetiaWalk and meet the doctor at IDO'S Clinic. OMG! Dr.Phong is super friendly..

Get some consultation from Dr.Phong. She is so friendly in the way that I can speaking with her so comfortably and calm. No awkwardness. During consultation she ask about my routine, supplement intake, skincare product I used, my diet routine and more. Rather then just asking she also give me some tips and advice for me. I learn a lot during this session. How to take care our skin in the correct way and type of acne. 

To be honest I've been blamming and claim that I got acne scar on my face. Turns-out that is not acne scar. Hahahaa.. LOL pika! My problem is dark spot from pimples not acne scar. Acne scar is different than dark spot. I was so blurry and laughing myself thinking I've been suffering from acne scar. Hahahhaaa.. See! New knowledge I gained... They treatment Dr.Phong suggest to me is Carbon Peel Laser.. Wahhhh.. Dengar je laser dah gugur jap jantung. Kekekekeee.. Since this is my first time so I'm quite nervous at first place but Dr.Phong give me the courage to try and fight the nervous. Heheee.. 

and the process begins~

My first time Carbon Peel Laser Treatment 

My second time Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

What is Carbon Peel Laser?
Carbon Peel Laser - Laser beam is focused on skin that has been covered by a think layer of carbon of micro to nano size. Skin pores are simultaneously minimized, the growth of connective tissue increase while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin and purge skin pores. This treatment can help by an instant brightening you skin immediately after 1st treatment. Your skin shall feel renewed, soft and smooth. There will be marked reduction of open pores, oil production and improvement of blemishes. Which is suitable for my skin problem! Eheheee..

How this treatment works? 
First they will cleansing our face from any makeup and impurities. Then they will apply a thin layer of carbon solution on our face. When the laser beam hits on the carbon on your face, you will hear loud snapping sound as well as noise from the suctioning machine. When the process running you should remain calm and ensure control your hand posture well so it won't moving to your face area during this time. Based on my personal opinion it is a bit painful at the beginning by the time it hits the area it feels like "fire" on my skin but I'm safe tho! Hahahaa.. My advice just don't be so scare laa.. After this treatment make sure avoid from direct sunlight activity. Every time going out during day time apply sunblock to protect your skin.

They will update you by calling or whatsapps on the next day on how your skin feel after the treatment

So far I don't feel any irritation regarding this process. I'm quite satisfied. But recently I don't have great time to pampering myself and I've been playing with soil and dirt in laboratory as to finish-up my FYP works so my skin gets breakout again! It is the major factor where you need to take care of your skin well with your homecare! IMPORTANT! The treatment may help to improve your skin and reduce the dark spot but at home, you need to take a good care for it. As for me, they advice to apply a lot of moisturizer and masker. Since my skin a so drying and that causes an oily skin. Not just that! I need to drink a lot of WATERRR!. Now, I'm increasing the amount of water intake. (makin banyak la pergi toilet. Hahahaa)

I hope my experience and explanation will help you to understand more about Carbon Peel Laser and how it functioning. If you have nice skin please take care of it okay.

If you interested to try any treatment and services from IDO'S Clinic you can go to their outlets near you:-
Batu Pahat - 0127288992
JB Sutera Utama - 0124105991
Klang Bukit Tinggi - 017-5084992
Kluang Mall - 012-70877992
Kota Damansara - 0174861992
Kulai - 0127785992
Penang Queensbay - 012-4125992
Puchong Setiawalk - 03-58793851

Check out their
Website: www.idosclinic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/idosclinic

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Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. liz pernah bt sekali carbon peel laser.

  2. hi dear.... I'm interested to try it. May I know how much did they charge you for each treatment? Is there any skincare products you have to buy from them? Thanks.

    1. Hi, You can try it. they have so many promotion that suitable for you. You can used the RM100 Vaucher there can save up a little bit. They also come with their product skincare but it is up to you to try it or not. they will not force you but you must try the mask! sebab best! Goodluck. DO mention my name once you go tho their outlet okeyh :)

  3. Salam nk tnye, bape lama ye kesan laser tu nk hilang? Sbb keja sy kena brdepan dgn org rmai n client, so malu la klau muka compang camping.. Ad peeling teruk x?? Muka kemerahan mcm kena bakar?? Brp hari kesan laser th nk hilang dri muka mcm kedan merah or peeling, prlu ke sy apply cuti? TQ..

    1. W'salam. treatment laser ni perlu dilakukan berterusan untuk hasil yang maxima dear. tapi memang sekali cuba boleh nampak perubahan tapi tak lasting la. you still need to treat again for maximum results. by 5 to 10 times treatment should be okay but depends on you skin condition jugak..

    2. Owh, thank sis.. So this is carbon peel laser eh, i tot Co2 laser.. Is it working for open pores, redness/dark scarring n black/whitehead?? Tq..

  4. Nak tanya berapa total kos treatment awak buat kt klinik ni?

  5. Nak tanya berapa total kos treatment awak buat kt klinik ni?

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