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Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss | review

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Liquid lipstick anyone ?

Everyone now, must at least have one liquid lipstick on their makeup collection right. Because liquid lipstick a trendy in makeup world and every brand come out with their own liquid lipstick collection.  Let me introduce Zahara Cosmetics,  a halal brand from Singapore and this brand also came out with their own Liquid lipsticks. So previously I've share another review of  Zahara Liquid Lipstick for shade Sweeties, you can check out more about it HERE and this time I want to introduce to you my favorite among all shades from Zahara Liquid Lipstick that is Boss. I buzz about this on my last October Favorites post and I got a lot of compliments when I wear this color *blushinggg~

Packaging: This is how the liquid lipstick looks like. The packaging of this liquid lipstick quite different from any other liquid lipstick in market now because it is slightly longer. it comes in a clear tube so you can see the color right though the tube. the cap/ cover was in a white color and it has simple label "ZAHARA" at the tube parts. at the bottom part as usual, where the code are labeled. 

The applicator looks like. The applicator also different from the regular liquid lipstick applicator looks like. It is flat like a 'peddle' shape and slightly bigger.longer in size. 

The swatch of Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss on my hand.

This is how Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss looks like on my lips 

It’s meant to stay on for hours and hours, so it can be drying

Color/Shades: Boss is such a beautiful Burgundy color! I'm in love with it. When ever I want some dramatic look I will choose Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss. Such a stunning burgundy color with matte finish. The color show some classy and powerful stunning with slightly sexy look for your makeup. I think this is one of the best selling color among all. Great pair with smokey eye-look. I like how the matte finish looks like on my lips. I'm in LOVE with the color!!!

Pigmentation: Such a pigmented matte liquid lipstick. With just one glide on you lips you can get up to full coverage. The color spread evenly with just one time of application. I have no problem with Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss, the pigmentation was amazing! The formulation is build-able. 

Texture: it is creamy at the beginning and dries after a few seconds of application with a matte finish. You need to glide it properly and fast before it dries so it won't patchy. Such a great product to highlight and build-able formulation. 

Scent/Smell: You can smell something like a 'strong' smell if you directly smell to the applicator but once you apply Zahara Liquid Lipstick in Boss you will smell like nothing. So I guess there is no weird smell on it.  

Longevity: Since it is matte finish so it lasting quite long time on me. Up to 8-10 hours (depends on your activity). The color will also remain after I eat! yet of course you can see some patchy where you need to apply it again. But most of the time it stay beautifully on my lips. No transfer. Even-tho it is a dry matte finish yet it does not 'hurt' you lip or cause any irritation even though it looks dry on my lips. Best to apply some lipbalm/liptreat before you apply this liquid lipstick. 

If you need only one liquid lipstick or you like to try Zahara liquid lipstick, I suggest you to choose BOSS shades. 
You'll love it!

Price: SGD 22 / RM64+-
Availability: Zahara Website

A high performance liquid lipstick and beautiful color that WIN my heart. I'd like to recommend for you to get this shades because I think this beautiful burgundy color will compliment all skin tone shades from light to dark. I hope you like my review. this is based on my personal opinion when I'm wearing this liquid lipstick. Anyway, please keep you lips moisturize before apply this okay.

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