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Sabah Travelgoue: [Day 4] Filiphino Market Kota Kinabalu

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

This entry will be on our last day at Sabah. we're officially arrived at Kota Kinabalu. KK Town! Well, it is pretty much the same as at Semenanjung a busy hustle city life with traffic-jams and what so ever. But there is the place I'd like to highlight here and also popular among tourist that is Filiphino Market. This Market opens day and night is just that the environment are different. This is also known as local attraction.

Once we reach Kota Kinabalu, we having dinner at Filiphino Market. During night time it is crowded for food! So many food-stall selling various of food selection from snacks to seafood. That night, we're having dinner at Filiphino Market for seafood! To be honest, my first impression was not very excited since I saw that the market is a little bit dirty because it is how market/night market looks like. More like street seafood style. But we try out best to find the clean place as we can and glad we did. Hahaha. If you type of person who care about clean place maybe this is not for you. But it is quite hard to find a dining area since we're not familiar in here. This dinner also suggested by my brother's friends.

The stall is quite a lot and most of them selling seafood. You can choose which one do you like but for us, we choose this food stall. They don't have specific name but here just the clue I can give you. Via the menu and the tablecloth. Hhahaha. 

This is Sabahan Murtabak. Totally different than semenanjung punya murtabak. They have more eggs and vegetables and much more cheaper. 

Butter prawn

Sotong goreng tepung

Ikan masak 3 rasa

and the vegetable is Kailan ikan masin but it arrived a bit late so takde dalam gambar. Hahahahhaa.. 

First of all, I'm satisfied with the cooking style. I can say sedap for this. All the cooking style was quite delicious and the amount is good enough for my family. In term of price is like a normal price we eat seafood abd that night it cost us for about RM200++ *couldn't recall how much cause my dad paid

Basically is like this. You can choose the selection of seafood and give them and also name what type of style do you prefer. Just like a normal seafood stall. If you're seafood love then I'd like to suggest you to come here. 
you must come here. We picked out our own whole fish, whole squid, 2 x giant prawns & lobster and were asked how we wanted it cooked (BBQ, fried or steamed). This was a huge feed and incredibly tasty. We had rice and stir fried veg as well and cost was 210RM approx. $60 AUD...

but the area is a bit dirty!!but that was how a market is,,if u want clean and pristine place this is not a place for u!!!


The day after, while waiting our flight we get ready and pack out things in the morning and go for a little shopping  and sightseening at Kota Kinabalu. We also went to Filiphino Market again for a little shopping because during day time this place popular for handicraft market. This is where tourist can get some souvenirs and goodies from Sabah for you family and friends.

You can get from key-chains, fridge magnet, local music instruments, kain batik, t;shirt, and more.

cute right?

Not to forget PEARLS! Because Sabah popular for their pearl. it is like a must to get when you're here. At lest but their pearl bracelet. Not only that, you can get brooch, butang baju melayu and so much more accessories made with pearls. 

Of course I don't miss this chance and purchase a few pearl bracelet for my family and lucky friends. Hihihiii..

Rambang mata nak pilih which one. 

So, it takes time for me to choose. The price start from RM10 onwards depends on the type of pearl and type of accessories. You can do the bargain session with the seller. Find a good seller and willing to entertain us instead yahhh.. Don;t waste your time for unpleasant seller. Huhuhuuu..

What I can conclude about this place is that, it is a large are market located at town city Kota Kinabalu selling varities of things from food, dried food and handicraft stuff. Almost sold what we're looking for lahh sennag cite. An attraction for local and tourist.

My Sabah Travelogue has come to the end! So I hope you like the story and somehow find it helpful for you to plan a trip and give you an idea. Honestly, I will repeat this again soon. Maybe going for honeymoon. Muehehehee.. A dream to climb the Mount Kinabalu also in the list, it is depends on my health and physical strength as well. One fine day! InshaaAllah. I miss Sabah already!


Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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