Wednesday, November 16, 2016

October Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Hahahhaaa.. I know I'm late for this but I'm still wanna update my last month favorites! Early this month I'm a bit busy so I couldn't update this entry on time like usual. Hihihiii.. Anyway, let's check out my October Favorites!!!
Jeng Jenggg~

Odbo Baked Highlighter-02: I purchase this during my Travel to Hat Yai on May this year, I was soo happy when I discover this highlights because it is so mesmerizing-ly beautiful. I use this highlights often when I'm out for an event or any occasional. Some people said that this is a dupe for The Balm Mary-Lou Minizer highlights. Well, I'm not quite sure for that because I still didn't get my Mary-Lou Minizer yet! Hahaha.. I know I sound 'noobb' because most of people especially beauty junkie should have it on their vanity. Anyway. I'm happy with my Odbo Baked Highlighter. Yeayyy! This might be an alternative for you to save some cash for a good products.  

Mamonde Cushion Foundation-23: I've been using this frequently after I share my review about this. I love how it is settle on my skin. This is a very good option for daily use because the coverage was light-medium. Well, I'm still using this for a full makeup look too! I think I start to loving cushion foundation now. Hehehee.. 

Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Concealer: I like it. I purchase this because I read a few review about this on Althea website and it is tempting for me to have this. As for concealer lover like me, surely I have to give a try. And so far, I like it. It helps cover my dark spot very well but this product does not suitable for dark circle or under-eye area because it is kinda thick in formulation. I'm thinking of full review soon! Waitttt for it..

Hiruscar Post-Acne Gel: I've been using this during my study time but somehow it finish and I don't restock it for awhile until a few months ago since Watsons have sales for this and I buy it right away. So far I think this helps in fade my dark spot. The result might not be as fast as you predict but still it is good to help faded the dark spot. It is more like treatment for the dark spot especially dark spot that cause by acne or pimple. 

Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water: Love it! I used this soo frequent. This is more likely a face mist with hint of rose to it. I normally spray to my face when I feel like my skin need some "drinks" and I also use this as makeup setting. Means, after I've done with my makeup I spray this right away. Not only it smells good, it also helps my skin hydrating. Thumbs Up!

Shizen Mascara & Eye Charm: I recently get this duo and love how the result come out. When I apply this mascara it feels soooo 'heathy' I don't know how to discribe but the mascara keep you lashes good and not drying like other mascara. Plus the Eye Charm helps to make my lashes ever voluminousness and lengthen. I really like this duo. Full review about this mascara will be up soon!

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette: First of all, I'm a fan of Carly Bybel. She is a famous Beauty Youtuber and I really like all of her video and been fan of her ever since I watch her video on Youtube. Of course I'm excited when she collaborate with BH Cosmetics and came out with an eyeshadow palettes. OMG! I really likes this palette. Not only it has a beautiful shades it also have good texture and pigmentation. Due to I purchased this palette from irresponsible seller, I got this eyeshadow palette in a bad condition where 4 shades in this palette are broken when it arrived. Read more story about the incident HERE. Anyway, I love this palette. If you like a warm and golden shades this is for you!

Zahara Liquid Lipstick: Last but not least, a matte liquid lipstick that I recently discover and been loving it ever since it is from ZAHARA Cosmetics. My favorite shade is Sweetie and Boss. I've been using this liquid lipstick often for last month and love how the color and texture turns out on my lips. This two shades are different which Sweetie is more like a nude pink and Boss is like a dark red maroon. I get a lot of compliment wearing this lipstick. Of course, the full review will up soon! Wait for it...

Any of the product I mention in you favorite list too? Let me know..

Till then, xoxo

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  1. hhuuhu i pon pakai itu hiruscar zaman2 berjerawat parah dlu btw nnt jumpa nak try zahara lippie tu hehehhehe

  2. I love that Rose face mist as well! I had it once and been wanting to repurchase but there's no Melvita in Sabah. That eyeshadow palette though~

    it's better late than never! I've only done Monthly favourite once! haha
    keep people inspired!

    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. Hi Mira, Thank you for drop by on my blog!

      I think you can purchase mMlvita online now. Go and grab the face mist.
      Thanks again :)