Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion #23 Natural Beige review

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Here it come my second Cushion Foundation after this one. I'm pretty sure it is quite addictive as to collect this. Hehehee. I know that the history of Cushion Foundation is from Korea because now Korea Beauty or also known as K-Beauty are well-known all over the world and most people loving it even the High-End Brand now come out with the technology of Cushion Foundation is many ways. And today, I'd love to share about Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion which is also a brand based in Korea and this brand use the touch of floral as their ingredients in every products. It claims that Mamonde Cover Cushion Powder offers flawless and lasting coverage with a matte finish. Let's see how the products works..

Ohh yahh! Did I mention that when you buy this Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion, you'll get another refill in it? Means in total purchase you get around 30ml products like that. Plus Mamonde is a brand that quite affordable with the high quality feature that available in market now. 

Packaging: This is how the packaging looks like. It claims that it has a shaped like the petal of the Pink Blossom at the top cover but overall it is practically round in shape. Love the white color of the case made it look elegant but the thing is when it come to white the case get messy sometimes with the touch of the product but it also can easily wipe-off. No worry, maybe it need some extra care. Hehehe. It also have its own puff for your use. 

It is formulated with the new Triple-Functional Cosmetics namely Wrinkle Care, Whitening and Sunscreen (SPF50+PA+++). This product only come in 3 different shades and mainly focus on the light-shades because the darker shade they had is #23 Natural Beige which is the one that I'm using now. Others shades that available is #17 Light Beige, #21 Peach Beige and #23 Natural Beige. This Cushion formulated with the Flower Layering System™, the Cover Powder Cushion applies on the skin flawlessly. It works to cover blemishes, prevent excess shine and inner dryness last but not least tightens and prevents darkening up to 12 hours. The application of the Cover Powder Cushion can be likened to layering the skin with Peach flower petals one at a time. 

Shades/ Color: #23 Natural Beige is a match-tone for Malay skin tone or medium. This shade match my skin tone very well. I've tried the one in shade #21 Peach Beige it is way to light for me. This shades works wonder on my skin tone where it is not to whiten yet it also not tend to dark-tone. Unfortunately, this is the darker shades they have and apparently anyone darker than normal Malay skin tone might not suitable to use this. 

This is the close-up look before and after I'm apply this Mamonde Cover Cushion Powder #23 Natural Beige. You can see my bare-skin full with darkspot and some pimple-scar to. Huhuhuu.. 
*I know I'm not that flawless but my skin slowly healing from the traumatize pimple I had previously! Alhamdulillah

Coverage: As you can see in the picture that the coverage was light-to-medium coverage. You might need to double dab for an extra coverage. This coverage is suitable for daily use. You don't really used full-coverage makeup all the time right. I still use concealer as to cover my dark circle or any obvious blemishes if I want full-coverage. If you have fine-normal skin with not so much problematic issues this is definitely for you. This will works wonder on you. It gives you the coverage that you want! Trust me. Hehehee..

Texture: It has micro projection on the surface that gives reflective glow when you apply it but somehow, I don't really like it. Hahahaha.. Because I'm a type of person who sweat a lot so I prefer on matte-satin finish instead. But this glowing thing is good as to make your skin healthier look! The stickiness feeling still there but not that obvious. After a few minutes of application the sticky feel faded and for me I prefer to set this with powder. It is also quite hydrating when application. 

Longevity: It last quite long on me after I put some powder. Last up to 6-8 hours depending on what activity you're up to. Last time I used this before going to event and the makeup look still look good on me. Not cakey feeling or what so ever. I don't feel "thickness" feeling when wearing this. Love it!

*Ada gaya Park Shin Hye tak?? Hahahaa.. K, bye
Mamonde created its Cover Powder Cushion to offer a bright, light-reflecting skin. It is ultra-light and formulated with the new Triple-Functional Cosmetics namely Wrinkle Care, Whitening and Sunscreen (SPF50+PA+++). Keep your skin hydrates the skin with Peach Flower Water formula in it. Overall, I'm still using this until now. I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you

Price: RM129 (15g x 2)
Availability: Mamonde’s First Beauty Counter at AEON One Utama


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  1. i suka sangat cushion ni...ur eyes look so pretty!

    1. So far I'm quite loving this too! Thank youuu babe. Will reveal what contact lens I'm using later.. Hehehee..

  2. Replies
    1. So far so good! Still learning about this Cushion Foundation thingy! hehehee

  3. i am using laneige bb cushion but this brand looks nice too. will try one day :)

    1. Pika belum try the laneige yet so don't know how was it. Hehehe.. Will try that one also. HUGSS..

  4. Babe~ you look awesome with that cushion! What is your MAC skin shade? I'm about NC30 to NC35 so I'm curious to know if it will fit my skin \(></)