Monday, October 03, 2016

September Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

As usual, A start-up post every month is my Monthly Favorites post! 
Let's see what I pick for the month of September. 

Chu Lip Lipbalm - Sweet Pink: First of the the packaging itself soooo CUTE! I've been received this in early of August and been trying this for the last month and love it! I don't put an expectation to this product but it nails it! It is moisture enough for my lips and somehow you'll feel like refresh-mint hint to this lipbalm. I think it is a total worth to grab. Will update the full review soon!

Human Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush - 01 Pink Bloom: This blusher based with mineral ingrdients in it. Means that it is safe for everyone to use even for a sensitive skin. I've been using this for the past month and love how the color appears in my cheek. The products is more suitable for natural look where it amount of intake is not-that-much. The texture is not that pigmented which is I find good for blusher. You don't want you cheek to look like a clown right. Loving this. Will up for full review later. 

Metal Makeup Brush: I believed that this is a dupe for The Real Technique Bold Metals Collection which is pricey. Ahaaa.. Then, I finally feeling like wanna grab this dupe one. I purchase this online and once I received it I'm just excited. So far, I'm fine with the quality of the product. I bet the original one surely will be better in quality and usage anyway, this works wonder to me as well. The brush that I want to highlights here is Blush Brush, Flat Countour Brush, Shadow Brush and Powder Brush. Been using this a lot of time. Ehee.. The brush is made of from synthetic fiber and the handle is metal. I'm loving the design and the idea of this brushes. Worth to grab!

Elianto Essence Mask Sheet - Snow Lotus: Not only it is cheap but it also works wonder on me. Hehehe.. I always apply this masker when my skin need extra moisture to it which is most of the time. Ihiks.. This masker claim to be brightening and hydrating effect to it. I'm also comfortable with the smell. You know you need a pleasant smell of masker right cause you going to wear it for about 30 minutes. So you better be good! Hehehee. 

Melvita Nectar De Rose Fresh Cleansing Milk: The moment I received this I was like yeayyyy! New Cleasing Milk!! Because I really used cleansing milk every night as to double cleanse my face. This cleansing milk is not that thick in texture more like watery parts and it works like lotion that able to removes makeup and impurities. gently massage onto your face and focus on the parts need extra cleans. It is enriched with wild rose petal extract and moisturizing rose floral water where it cleans without drying the skin. Just loving how it works and mild to the skin. 

Natural Clenx Tea: The reason I purchase this not 100% about slimming purpose okeh. Hehehe.. Actually, I 'm looking for the best green tea to try on and I made some research about it as well. Well, there's a lot of green tea type in market now, but previously I purchase from the brand L***** and B** I feel that it does not really doing "their things". As you know that green tea is the best for detox right. I want to detox myself and I found this. Heard a lot of good feedback about this and I go to Watsons and buy it. Plus, it is cheap too. Only cost me RM30/box. Okay la kann.. 

Magic Wax Hair Removal: I'm a waxing person. Hehehee.. I do some research about it as well as to find the best and easier wax and I found this! Why I said it is easy? You don't event have to heat or panas kan when you want to use it. Just directly apply on the "bebulu" parts and put the cloth and Zaappp pull back the cloth. Been using this for several month now. Hehehee.. But the thing is, it is made up from organic and natural ingredients like honey and sugar sort of like that, ant/semut also love this! Aishh.. Hahhaaa.. I need to close the cap very tight and keep it at safer place. Ciss nye semut. Sibukk je nak ikut orang wax.. 

That's all for September favorites! Hope you like it. I write it based on my personal opinion and experience why I've been loving this past month. Anyway, Welcome OCTOBER! Please be nice with me.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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    1. Tak silap pika RM55 kot. Tak inagt sebab dah lama beli..Hehehee..

  2. Comelnya lahaiii brush tu.. pink!!! falling in love

  3. Babe where did you get the brushes from? :D

  4. make sure minum clenx tea cover balik dengan air masak byk byk kalau tak boleh rosak buah pinggang. becoz the tea itself mmg cuci dalam dalam badan kaw kaw punya . *nampak tak aku tgh stalk . HAHA

    1. Hahahaa! Gituuu.. Sweet la kwn aku sorang ni. Okay beb! thanks for the info...