Friday, September 30, 2016

Bourjois Souffle de Velvet - 07 Plum Plum Pidau review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I recently get my hands on this new liquid lipstick that available in market that is  Bourjois Souffle de Velvet in a shade 07 Plum Plum Pidau. Once I apply this on my lips I can feel the moisture of this liquid lipstick where it is comfortable to wear. It also suitable to be use as a balm. So, I'd love to share my thoughts about this product.

Packaging: The packaging comes in a rectangular shape with a glassy kinda look but it is actually just a plastic but look classy at the same time. The size of this liquid lipstick is the same as other normal lipstick size. which is cool because you can arrange it in the lipstick holder together. I like the packaging where it is also see-through and you can see what exactly color for the liquid lipstick.

It come with an applicator that made easy for your lipstick application.

Here how the swatch appear on my hand.

Shades/Color: The color is more to plum red yet it has sheer to it. Means that the color not that full opaque on your lips because the main priority here is Sheer matte-ness. I love this shade becasue it is very wearable and everyone can easily pull-off this color. You can rock this color even without full-face makeup look. Thumbs up!

Scent: It has some scent/smell to it but will not last longer. it is there when you wear it only then it disappear in no-time. But the scent is not that-unpleasant because I still can bare with it. 

Texture: It as velvety texture that provides softness & hydration. You can feel the softness touch of this liquid lipstick as it contain a moisture protecting agents to it. This is a fine yet creamy that easily blends on the lips. You won't feel like you have a liquid lipstick on your lips. more like bare-lips kinda feels. 

This is how the Bourjois Souffle de Velvet in a shade 07 Plum Plum Pidau looks like on my lips. To be honest, I've been carry this liquid lipstick often in my handbag lately. I think I'm comfortable wearing this lipstick at anytime.

Pigmentation: Since the product itself claim that it is more like sheer-matte finish so it might not as pigmented as any other matte liquid lipstick in market yer this is enough as to cover the dullness on your lips and enhance your daily-look. This liquid lipstick it is tend to more likely tint-kinda lip but yet it is liquid lipstick. It gives like blurry blushing kinda effect to the lips. 

Longevity: It claim can last on your lips up to 10 hours. So far it last on my lips for about 5-6 hours. Maybe it depends on what activity you do. For me, if I need more color I will re-apply this lipstick. You can easily re-apply this lipstick without any lipbalm or liptreat because the liquid lipstick itself already moisturize enough. 

Price: 45.90
Availability: Any Bourjois counter or Watsons.

What I can conclude about this product is that, it is focusing on the texture as to hydrated the lips while showing a beautiful sheer matte color. This color suitable for daily wear even if you don't have your full-face makeup on. I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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