Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beauty Talk: Why you must Double Cleanse?

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My cleansing method change ever since I go for a consultation with skin expert at IDO'S Clinic. Previously I've heard about double cleanse but I'm not practice that in my daily routine until I the day I was expose to the goodness of double cleansing. To be honest after I practice this as my daily routine especially at night time I saw the different on my skin. I used to have pimples and acne with dark sport on my face but now it is slowly reduce. I'm not saying that my skin now in a stable and flawless condition. My skin still need a good care but I saw improvement that whats excites me the most.

What is Double Cleansing??

**This is based on my understanding.

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Double cleansing means that you need to wash your face two times. Yahhh! But with different formulation of cleanser. Normally this method is suitable for night time routine. As we have to ensure that our skin clearly clean before we go to bed.

The first cleanser should be mild and soft to your skin as for my skin condition I was advice to use milk cleansing. Milk cleansing is basically to clean and remove the first layer of dirt and impurities on your skin such as makeup residues, dust and etc.

Second cleansing will focus more on your skin problems such as acne, oily/dry, brightening and etc. This to ensure that your skin able to absorb all the goodness that contains in your cleanser and most cleanser are in foaming 'bubble' formula. 

Done with this two step, just follow by toner and your next skincare regime.

After I practice this as my night time routine I saw changes on my skin. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your skin are clean and fresh. I hope this helps. For some people who come and ask me that how my skin slowly heal. This is one of the best tips I can share with you. But note that my skin is not that flawless yet okeh. It just that it show some slowly progression. Alhamdulillah.

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