Wednesday, August 10, 2016

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion #23 Natural Beige review

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If you follow me on snapchat (SyafiqahHashim), I talked about this product and share my first impression about this product there. And now, here is the full review..
Here my very first trial on Cushion Foundation guys That is April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. I never had any Cushion Foundation before ever since it is started to launched and becoming more viral time-to-time. You can see that this Korean Beauty invention becoming more wide now even the higher-end brand also come with their own Cushion Foundation. So, I think it is the time for me to try it.
This is how the packaging looks like. Come in a black matte packaging. The packaging is quite bulky compare to normal compact powder. 

I'm using the shade #23 Natural Beige. 
The come with 3 different shades and the other 2 shades a light shade which is #21 Light Beige and #22 Pink Beige. 

This is how it looks like inside that bulky casing. It is not that bulky la but a bit thicker. It has it own applicator there. This probably applies to any other types of Cushion Foundation in market now. 

This products claims to be able to block UV rays, whitening, and anti-aging. Since it have SPF 50PA+++ to it which is good for daily use because your skin will be protected to direct sunlight. April Skin is a brand from Korea and all products are made in Korea. This suitable for oily to combination skin type. But I've read and heard some of dry skin type also prefer to used this black one. 

The close-up look what it looks like on my face

As you can see, It has quite good coverage where I can hide my blemishes and uneven-skin tone in just one dap. Yahhh! 1 dap for each side of the face. total will be 2 dap into products for whole face.. For extra coverage on the scar, I add another dap to cover both side of scar. on my face. As you can tell there, It is has the feeling of wearing full face makeup look at the beginning of application but after a few hours it went smoothly onto your skin. You have to apply loose powder onto of it, I've tried to used the normal powder but it won't work, you still need loose powder or another cheaper alternative, baby powder also works. Guess what?? i don't even bother to apply concealer after apply this Magic Snow Cushion. You know me, I couldn't live or go out without my concealer but this cushion nails it! Finally go out without concealer, Lalalalalaaaa~

Fefeeling macam buat iklan jap *shawl flips~

Shade/Color: This Natural Beige is suitable for my skin tone. I'm happy with that. I'm quite afraid if this color does not suitable with my skin tone but I was wrong. For those who with light-medium to medium skin tone (Malay skin tone) this color will be suitable for you. Unfortunately for those with dark-skin tone, they don't have any darker shades because this is the darkest shade you can get in this range. You might wanna try another brand perhaps~

Coverage: It is a medium to high coverage but I think it is tendency to higher coverage. Because with just one dap it can cover through-out my half face. I'm quite impress here. 

Finish: It has dewy finish looking to it and somehow I feel like it is a bit sticky during the beginning of application but the sticky feeling started to blends a way in time. 

Longevity: It can last up to 5-6 hours on my skin. I'm impressed again. After long-wearing this does not showing much crease as I expected. Even when I'm smiling, It does not have streaky line. Thumb Up. 

Extra Tips: I'm a type of girl who sweating a lot! This sometimes worries me because I tend to sweat to much therefore you have to blend this well makesure don't apply too much or else it going to be cakey which everyone hates it right. Just simply apply in a small amount first then slowly blends and dap-it onto your skin. If you need more coverage then add more to the area need to be cover only. Get back to sweating parts, Yahhh.. You need to apply this infont of a fan if possible or after you can apply this fanning your face using handy-fan also can. This is what I tend to do. What I can say that, "Let it dry for a moment". Hahahaa.. Then, you good to go with your loose powder. 

Fuhhh, I hope I explained this well. This is basically what I feels about this product and how it works on me. By the way, I am combination skin type and sweats a lot.

Price: RM109.00 (NP)
Availability: Althea Kr.
*sometime they have massive sales and can get cheaper

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