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Shizens Mascara & Eye Charm | review

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Recently, I received a Mascara and Eye Charm from Shizens. I've been eyeing for the eye charm for quite sometime after I give a try of it last year at Shizens Pavilion and now I finally have it together with their Mascara. For your information, Shizens offer from skincare to cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients that are suitable for various skin type. I think Shizens is a high-end brand because each product is quite expensive if you want to compare with drugstore products. 

Shizens Mascara - RM 74.00
It come in exclusive packaging where it has pink bottle with a golden yellow cover. I love this mascara. I'm quite impress how it works on me. I used it quite often sometimes. This mascara even featured in My October Favorites. People know that mascara used to enhance eyelashes as for lengthen and volume as to define eyelashes. Everyone dream of a fuller and lengthen eyelashes right but now everyone is lucky to born with it naturally (including me). That's why we need mascara.

This is how the mascara wand looks like. I like the slightly curve of the mascara bristles and it kinda thin at the tip and slightly bigger and the end. 

Shizens mascara claim to helps volume up your lashes for natural and defined look.  This just an average mascara with power to volume and lengthen your lashes. This mascara do not works for extra volume or crazy spidery-lashes look. You probably wont get the effect with this mascara own its own. The best about this mascara is that it does not dry-up your lashes to much yet it not wet as well. You'll feel your lashes much more healthier compare to any other mascara out there. I like to recommend this mascara for daily use. Although it is not waterproof it won't smudge or flecking easily if you cry or due to rain. Shizens Mascara becomes softer after washing with plenty of water, easy to be removed and not necessary to use make-up remover. It can be clean easily and does not leave any black smudge under your eyes! OoYahhh~ I hate when I clean mascara and turns out my under eyes looks like panda. This mascara won't do that. Thumbs Up! 

Shizens Eye Charm - RM136.00
This is how Shizens Eye Charm looks like. It comes in a small clear glass tube which you can see the fibers in it. This fibers is like a small particle that helps voluminous your lashes and make it lengthen even more. 

This is how the wand for this eye charm looks like. It is practically a fiber that you need to apply at the tip of your lashes. Mascara need to be apply before and after eye charm. 

This is the first fiber mascara that I've tried and so far I think it works. It helps to voluminous and lengthen your eyelashes even more. But you need to apply it very careful, avoid windy area because it might fall out to your face. With a slow motion try to dap at the tip of your lashes and apply mascara again. Eye Charm is formulated with a blend of fiber and Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) that enhances the texture of lashes. Eye Charm is clump free, able to stimulate lashes growth and magnify lashes length with curve. This is a must-have product from Shizens. I works wonder with Shizens Mascara. 

A semi-eyeliner look with mascara
Shizens Mascara & Eye Charm can be find at any Shizens Store or via online at

Sorry cause I tengah fefeeling cantik disitu~ 

Overall, I like this duo from Shizens. If you like mascara, I think this is a must have mascara + eye charm in your collection unless. I know it is a bit fussy to do step by step but it works. Handle this with care to ensure it does not clump and messy. I know the price is a bit pricey but Heyyy.. that eye charm probably can last forever. hahahaa. You don't use it that much tho. I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you

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