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ASIANIC a Halal Brand for your Body & Hair Care.

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Event: Sepetang Bersama Reen Rahim & ASIANIC
Date: 5 December 2016 
Location: Donutes, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 

Isn't it great to find an Halal Product for your body care?? 
Introducing ASIANIC a Halal Brand for your body & hair care. Asianic is a proud Malaysian Halal Brand committed to create natural, effective, affordable and environmentally sustainable skin products. This brand founded by Wonderland Primary Sdn Bhd, that passionate about body & hair care and at the same time looking for a halal purposes. This company is ISO certified and Halal certified Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP (Practical Production standardized products). Their goal is to become a competitive company in the manufacture of advanced products with high quality and comparable to international products.

Asianic brand of personal care including shower cream, body scrub, lotion, shampoo, hair conditioner, bath salt, ginger cream and also an intimate wash for women. Asianic products which are carefully crafted using the finest herbal ingredients that are the best nature has to offer and free from harmful chemicals.

The ambassador for Asianic is Reen Rahim, a Malaysian actor. Since she has no bad controversy and her lifestyle was good, therefore how she is selected as an ambassador for Asianic 

And now, I want to show you the product range from Asianic. 
Asianic Body Scrub, Shower Cream, and Hand & Body Lotion that has a mixture of extracts of Blossom 
Asianic Body Scrub, Shower Cream and Hand & Body Lotion that has a mixture of extracts of Rice Milk
A body care that formulated from extracts Blossom and Rice Milk with the best ingredients such as aloe vera and cinnamon to help remove the layer of dead skin gently and effectively. It also will keep skin soft, bright and always young. 

Asianic Hair Conditioner and Asianic Shampoo for Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control and Scalp Care
Asianic shampoo will make your hair always soft as pearl, shiny and dull. This is because Asianic shampoo is formulated from natural fruit extracts and green tea for healthier hair constantly.  There are shampoos for dandruff, hair loss, normal and oily hair. You can choose based on your hair problems and see the results as early as five days when using a Asianic Shampoo

Intimate Wash for women, Ginger Cream and Bath Salt Body Scrub
Another plus from Asianic that include an intimate was for women to care of their miss-V. not only that, they also have Ginger Cream which not only good for your skin but also it helps in flatulence. The Bath Salt Body Scrub it good to exfoliate your death skin on your body. 

As the ambassador of the product, Reen Rahim also used this product herself and she like it. 

Check this CUTE Packaging of this Body Care sets. I got mine in blossom range and I'm excited to give them a try. This cute packaging is good enough to set as a gift for your family and friends. 

Did I mention that Asianic Brand is actually an affordable brand that priced from RM10.90 to RM17.90 each!!! WOAHHH! What a great deal for a great products! You can get Asianic product at  almost all the big supermarkets, pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. Asianic offers luxurious, natural products that are not only effective but also affordable for consumer which they can enjoy high quality, natural skin and body care

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  1. hi you.. ada pakai tak yang ginger lotion or scrub? any review? i just bought it cause donno else to get any heating lotion dlm guardian ni...

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