Saturday, December 10, 2016

Haul: Unboxing Althea Superfood Box

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If you're Korean Beauty addict, you should go visit Althea now! They selling most of K-Beauty products there and the price is way cheaper and affordable to get since the product travel away from Korea. So, today I would like to do unboxing post for Althea Superfood Box. YEAYYY~

Spot any product that you like?
In this Superfood Box contain about 8 products from skincare and body care. Its only cost you for RM138/box. Such a great deal!  If you buy this product separately it will cost you more than this. Let's see what's in it.

Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foam: This is a cleansing foam that rich nutrition value including fiber and amino acids. Oatmeal is nominated in time's 10 super healthy foods. Calmia oatmeal cleansing foam does mild exfoliation for daily use and also gives deep hydration to your skin

Half Moon Eyes Milky Tonning Jelly Essence Toner: Tonning and jelly? for real??. Hihihii.. This toner contain figs that has antioxidant properties not only clarifies your skin but also prevents skin aging. Simple used your cotton pats and pat it onto skin. it will remove dead skin and hydrate your skin. Can also be use as a mask where you can just simply soak a mask sheet with the toner and instantly refresh your skin. Did you know that Cleopatra loved figs for her ever-lasting beauty?? *I just know. Ngeee.. 

Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence: Any green tea lover here? Green tea is well-known for having 20 times more antioxidants than that of vitamin C. Catechins helps refine pores and brighten skin, which make green tea beloved by Mirada Keer's beauty secret! Deep hydration

Missha Juicy Farm Body Shower Berry Berry Blueberry: Have you ever wash with berries before? Hehehee.. Why not try this body wash. It has blueberry which are one of the most well-known fruits that have plentiful antioxidant and vitamins. anthocyanin helps relax and firm your body skin

B&Soap Fun Shampoo Bar: Coconut is famous for the best solution for hair care. Even it is famose during ancient time. Coconut protects hair from outside pollution and boosts immunity. It is one of the best moisturizer that your skin will drink up like water and deep cleanse your hair

Nine Point Blackberry and Bay Body Mist: It will be nice even after bath you'll keep smell nice all day long right. That's what this body spray for. Blackberry is a natural multi-nutritional supplement. it purifies any toxins from active oxygen which causes fine lines and akin aging. Antiaging treatment for your body, not only face. Spray this on you body after shower. Massage into skin with slightly patting motions. 

Monstory Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask: Caulerpa Bacemosa is so-called "green Cabiar". It is concentrated with deep sea nutrients such as hyaluronic acid and fucoidan which heal and believe skin. While you are asleep, green carviar sleeping mask will renew your skin. apply this before you sleep and let it work overnight, rinse off any excess in the morning and follow your daily skincare routine. This product are made with fresh natural ingredients, *Please use within 90 days when opend. 

Skinfood Avocado Lip Scrub: Having a fuller and supple lips is a must for everyone. Used lip scrub to exfoliate and keep your lips supple. This lip scrub is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, firms and give skin a healthy glow. This special ingredient full of Antioxidant Properties also moisturizes dry skin and lips. This is to exfoliate you lips. Ensure to apply some moisturizer to your lips as well

I'm so Happy with this Beauty Box. Get yours now!!

Price: RM138
Availability: Althea websites

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