Monday, December 05, 2016

November Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

December is here so this is the time for my Monthly Favorite post!
Last month was quite up side down for me but I'm okay with it, I spend my time most at home and doing some freelance works. Sometimes, I enjoy myself watching Korean drama and variety show. Hehehee.. Yet, I still not forgetting to keep my beauty regime on the point. Early November, my skin start to feel not so good I'm not sure due to what but slowly it is healing back and now it all fine.and hoping to be fine forever. Muahahhaaa. Anyway, Let's check out my November Favorites for 2016. 

Hada Labo Lotion - Whitening: I think I found a secret for a great skin hydration product. I've been using this for the couple of month and I love how it works on my skin. Seriously guys, I didn't expect the product will works so wonderful on me. My skin feel so much hydrated and healthier. I use this in my morning and night routine everyday. Still looking forward for the absolute result soon. Do you want a full review on this?

Elianto Organic Cucumber Makeup Cleansing Tissue: Believe it or not if I tell you that I buy this Makeup Cleansing Tissue worth of RM1.00 only? Yeahhh, I did!! Check out HERE. Hehehee. I was so lucky to get this good product at cheaper price. Alhamdulillah. First of all, it smell refreshing like cucumber fell and it does not irritate my skin at all. I love it! I helps to remove my makeup clearly. Can even works on waterproof eyeliner. Thumbs up!

Bubble Sugar: I fall in love with this on my first time trying this after I received a Beauty Box from Althea. This scrub works wonderful on my skin. Not only the shape and the design of the product is unique because it looks like a sugar cube, but it also works good. This little cube helps to scrub and cleaning at once! My skin feel so soft and moisture even after the exfoliate process. Thumbs up! Full review soon..

Princess Raw Organic Body Scrub: A homemade product made with love by my blogger buddy, Kak Illy Arifin, I received this early this year if I'm not mistaken. Recently I give a try to this scrub and I love it. I normally will try my best to scrub my body once a week normally at weekend but sometime, I feel lazy as well. Huhuhuu. But to get rid of the dead skin, you need to scrub your body. My body feel much more smooth and moisturize after using this scrub. It does not cause any irritation to my body, the scrub doesn't hurt my body or what-so-ever. I can smell a citrus feel to this product while I'm scrubbing my body. Hihihii. In love! Go check out Princess Malaysia for more info. 

Mentholatum Lip Pure: I've been using this everytime before sleep. I have a habit that I like to keep my lip moisturize so this lip pure works good on me. This lip balm does not have wierd smell thats why I love it even more. Plus the ambassador of the new lip pure is Shu Qi a popular Taiwanese actor and she considered as the sexiest lips in Asia. Woahhh.. Didn't expect my lips to be sexy~ Hihihiii..

Silkygirl Matte Junkie - 01 Glamorous: This is my first matte junkie from Silkygirl. I purchase this because people were buzz about how good the product is and comparable to international brand. Woahh! The price in market also affordable. I like the color on me if I'm going out for a daily look. It is like a peach salmon color. Not that orange and not peach as well. just in between. I will purchase more color soon. 

Nars Audacious Lipstick - Bette: OMG! The color so beautiful, it is like a deep burgundy with a satin finish. I love the texture of this lipstick where it glide smoothly on my lips and I can get a great beautiful color with just one glide. So far, I never disappoint with any Nars Audacious Lipstick that I've tried. I grab this frequently last month when ever I'm going out for an event or any occasion. I think this color will looks stunning on any skin tone so do mine. Hihihihiii. I will do a full review of this lipstick soon. 

The Faceshop BB Cushion - Mickey Mouse edition: Uwahhhhhh! I'm a Disney fans and The Faceshop came out with limited edition BB Cushion of the Mickey Mouse design. I'm soooo happy to get this. I've tried this product last month and impress with the formulation. Not only the packaging are super duper cute but the product is awesome tooo. I like the coverage and how it leave my skin moisturize after application. Ohhhh.. I will share full review soon!

Beauty Blender: Well, who doesn't like beauty blender right??? I know this is expensive but it is worth to get. At first my thought will be like why I spend so much money on a sponge??? But this is not just a regular sponge guys. I works wonderfull when you try to blend the product onto your skin. More like a miracle sponge on me. Now I know why people a raving about this so much. Full review HERE

 This is all products that practically wins' my heart last month. What's yours?

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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