Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shopping Haul: #MyCyberSales2016 ft. Fashion Valet and Elianto

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I bet most of you know what is #MyCyberSales right? It is among the biggest online sales that most of Online Shop join this. Which they will offer a discount and sometimes ever crazier sales! This year #MyCyberSales2016 was held from 26th - 30th September 2016. I think #MyCyberSales only happens once a year *I'm not sure. Heee.. Anyway, this year it take sometimes for me to browse each online shop that I like and search for the item that will be useful on me. However, I could't buy much because I was too busy that time and I only manage to purchase a few things. (Which also good because I can saving a little bit. Hahahhaa) You know la how last minute shopping goes right. I manage to browse each websites on the last day of #MyCyberSales2016. Hehehee..

This is what I bought during the #MyCyberSales2016
The first from Fashion Valet website. Well, if you manage to browse their sales it is quite tempting. So, I browse on their website and I found 2 things that I love and directly add it on my cart that is 50450 White Maxi dress and FVBasic Jacket. Seems like I go for monocrome idea there. Hehehee. I choose the Cash On Delivery during check out and the service was good. They used Ninja Boy as delivery man. So, I save my costing for post. Wuuhuuu~ I think the COD service is only available on Klang Valey area. So for those who lives in Klang Valey you may want to use this service instead on paying extra cash for delivery. Heheheee. *share some tips

I never purchase Elianto stuff online before. This is my first time and it exerience was quite okay. The best part is that, if you purchase RM50 and above its free delivery!! Wuuhuu~ Not waste my time I brows what items should be useful for me. Then I saw they have an Elianto Organic Cucumber Makeup Cleansing Tissue worth of RM1/each!!! OMG! I definately need this and I add 10 in my card. Beyond happines I guess. Then, I saw another great deals which is Elianto Nutri Essential Mask Sheet sale at RM15 for 10 masks. Again!!! Another great deal, so I add 30 piece. My shopping was totally worth because I know I'll be using this products anyway! Yuuhuuuu~

2 things women love to hear, "I love you" and "That's on Sales"
*Agree?? Hihihihiii..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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