Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shah Mumtaz Perfume, inspired by International Fragrance

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Event: Shah Mumtaz Collection Blogger's Day
Date: 16th October 2016
Venue: Flora Cafe, AmpWalk, KL

Always dreaming of getting a good perfume like international fragrance but the price is too expensive for you?? You can stop dreaming now! Hehehe.. Why not you try Shah Mumtaz Perfume. It is a perfume that inspired by international fragrance. Means that you still can get the same smell of the perfume at affordable price! *Haaa.. Takde la rasa sayang nak sembur banyak kali pun kan. Hehehe.. Because some people are normally feeling "sayang" to spray too much perfume especially if the perfume is expensive right. Hehehe.. Here some great alternative for you :)

This is how the packaging looks like, It is pretty enough to set as a gift for your loves one.
> EVE in a pink box packaging (for women)
> ADAM in a blue box packaging (for men)

This is how the actual perfume bottle looks like. It contains 35ml each bottle. 
SM Collection Perfume is a high-quality inspired international fragrance that available in markets now. It is long-lasting that at least can last up to 8 hours. This perfume is selling at affordable price even for students.

Here some selection of international fragrance that you can get from Shah Mumtaz Perfume. 
Comes in 10 different fragrance for men and 15 different fragrances women. Which one is your choice?

Did I mention that Shah Mumtaz Perfume also Wudhuk-friendly. Means you don't have a doubt for solat. It is highly made with Pati-Original of the perfume (which means less alcohol use in it). This perfume is a EDP. You know that EDP can last longer on your body right. This is such an affordable perfume in market and worth to have it. 

If you're looking for a great-quality perfume that comparable to international fragrance at affordable price you can choose Shah Mumtaz Perfume that currently available in Market.

Price: RM69 (including postage)

You can place your order via:-
Contact Number: 012-5566949 / 017-3344818

Jom wangi ramai-ramai dengan SM Perfume!

By the way, here some Fun-Fact about Fragrance that I'd love to share with you.
Did you know that there's benefits for you when wearing fragrance?? Hehehee..
Great to know right!

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  1. I often travel to Malaysia and collect my favourite fragrances from the original warehouses. I have never used Shah Mumtaz Perfume, it seems very good perfume. Besides I used to buy fragrances from the local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh, they are working with 30 brands.