Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Melvita Nectar De Rose Fresh Cleansing Milk review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Do you how important for us to double cleanse right? So, this is my regime every night as a routine to ensure my skin well-clean at night time. That's why I love using cleansing milk as the first step of cleansing. Recently, I get to try Melvita Nectar De Rose Cleansing Milk and been like it ever since. I even featured this in my September Favorites post. Should be good right. Hehehee.. 

This is how the packaging looks like. It has 200ml and comes in a white texture formulation like a 'milk'
Easy to be use because it has the pump. I normally used 4-5 pumps for the whole face. 

You can either use a cotton pad and apply to face and eyes or you can directly gently massage this cleansing milk to all over your face then rinse well. It smell like a rose tooo! Such a pleasent scent. More like a lotion that gently helps removes makeup and impurities. Once your rinse your face you'll feel the softness onto your skin because it cleanses without drying the skin. Then you can proceed with any of your normal cleanser. For waterproof cosmetics advice-able for you to remove it using a cotton pads to make it more cleans. Because I can say that it might not be able to 100% remove impurities but it somehow helps to cleans your skin for the best as the first step for cleansing before your proceed with your normal facial wash. Heee..

Price: 102.00
Availability: Melvita Store and Website

I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you. This is totally based on my opinion and my experience on using this.

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