Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MAMONDE Celebrates Flower Day with Park Shin Hye

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Event: MAMONDE Celebrates Flower Day with Park Shin Hye
Date: 14th October 2016
Venue: LG Oval Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Can you see that I'm camouflage myself surrounding the flower there? Hihihii..
Last Friday, the LG Oval Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre is transformed into a flower garden in the conjuction with MAMONDE Flower Day!, I was mesmerize with the decoration that full with flower!! So beautiful. Every girl will surely love flower right?! The decoration fill with Hibiscus as the main highlight amidst Mamonde's other four key flower like Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Lotus and Camellia. What a great flower right! The event was a fun-filled affair featuring a myriad of activities and flower attraction

 Apart from celebrating Mamonde Flower Day, Mamonde also launched two new additions to its Moisture Ceramide range which was an inspiration from the Hibiscus flower. The two products is Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener and Moisture Ceramide Emulsion .

I'm with Kelly and Tea Pot!

with Sabby Prue. My sweet gorgeous sister

Arriving for the first time in Malaysia, Park Shin Hye greeted fans and exchange flowers with Mamonde's management staff as a gesture of appreciation and love for welcoming her to the laucnh of Mamonde Flower day.

Mamonde Flower Day is celebrated to inspire us to show love and appreciation to those we love and admire with the gift of a flower. It is also a day dedicated to admiring the brauty around us, be it the beauty of people or the beauty of Mother Nature. Mamonde has transformed women through the amazing benefits and energy of flowers. Years of research by Mamonde have revealed the moisturizing and skin-nourishing ingredients of flowers which have helped women radiate with blossoming beauty. Mamonde Flower Day will be celebrate yearly on every month of October (coincides with Mamonde's introduction in Korea in October 1991)

Wait for October next year! Hihihiii...

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  1. pika cantik la dress up, kena dengan event ni, gambar dekat bunga memang ngam betul, warna pun geng. heheh itu je nak komen.

    1. Kebetulan pulak sama kan dekat situ. Hehehee.. Thanks Liz! :)