Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Whats Up LANGKAWI: [Day 2] Mangrove Tour and Kilim Geoforest Park, Lunch at Floating Fish Farm Restaurant

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

YEAYYY! I want to continue with #cuticutiMalaysia entry here. Recently I went to Langkawi as you read my previous post HERE. My second day at Langkawi is much more packed with activities. After we have our breakfast at the Hotel, we basically gather for some briefing and picture moment and then, the trip begins!
Basically this tour is where we go for Mangrove Tour and Kilim Geopark. Where you can get to know the nature more like bonding time with nature gituuu and also to explore what so special about environment at Langkawi. WEEEEE~
The first stop is at Gua Kelawar. Where you can see real bats in the caves hibernating. They actually preserved this area and make this place s one attractive part in Langkawi. Luckily the cave is not that smelly as I though and I can breathe well in the cave because they implement the "air supplies" in it. For those who worried in the dark just don't be, This cave won't take that long. You cannot using flash camera in this cave but they provide you torch-light so that you can see the bats. I'm quite sweating at the first point because there's to many people and tourist. Plus, I memang kuat bereluh. Ehee..

Next, we hop-in the boat back but this time we need to wear life jackets, because this boat going to go for a long ride~ VROMMMM.. Check out the video on my instagram HERE. If you see int he picture above the sign of Kilim Geoforest Park, you'll notice that the rock arrangement looks like turtle. This rock is not purposely arrange like that, This occurs due to the natural phenomena.

After that, we enter another cave known as Gua Buaya. Why it called as Gua Buaya because previously there's a lot of crocodiles in this area which crocodile in sea much more larger and bigger compare to crocodile in the river, And from outside of this cave, You can see that this cave looks like crocodile as well. 

Here the fun part. Have you ever saw monkey swimming?? I saw it!! The monkey in this are they really swim just to get the food. This also become the main attraction here at Langkawi where you can feed Monkeys. The boat stop by at the area and we give them peanuts and they really eat it! They eat everything we eat basically. What amaze me is that, they know how to crack the nutshell. I say men monkeys nowadays. Anyway, when you are here, just be careful of your belongings. Afraid that they might take it from you. Hahahaa..

Next stop is Eagle Feeding. I could't snap a closer picture of the eagle because our boat stop by quite far from another boat so the vision at the eagle are much better in real life compare in this picture. As the tour guide said that they don't really feed the eagle often because research claim that if human keep give them food they will not assist to their normal habitat of life where they will depending on human to feed them. That's why..

The best thing about this tour is the lunch time. That day we have Seafood Lunch at Floating Fish Farm Restaurant. This Restaurant was actually floating in the middle of the sea okeh. Very nice!! What I find about this place is that really sempoi and the food served is good. I cannot lahh kalau orang letak sotong goreng tepung depan mata. Kejap je lesap habis. Hahahaa.. The sad is that I tak sempat snap picture of the food!! OMG! What happen to me that time. Hahhaa.. Lapar sangat agaknya. Ohh yahh! the food served here a fresh as claimed by the owner. Yummsss..

Lepas dah kenyang makan ikan kita bagi ikan makan pulak. Hehehee.. The last activity for this tour is Fish Feeding. They provide roti and we feed the fish. This fish do bite my hand maybe they though it was bread. LOL.. 

That's the end of this trip. Overall, it was fun and more for relaxing purpose. Not so much thrill or to much adventure. Like I mention earlier, more like bonding with nature~

Panas-panas terik gigih jugak posing.
After the trip we go back our hotel and get a rest. Tidooo la apa lagiii.. Hihihihiii..

I will continue for the day 3 at Langkawi entry soon.. We go for shopping and sky cab! Our wrap activity at Langkawi before flying back to KL..

Till then, xoxo

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