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Whats Up LANGKAWI: [Day 3] Kompleks HiG and Sky Cab Langkawi

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Al-kisah, continue from my previous #cuticutiMalaysia with le Family at Langkawi. This is the last day we at Langkawi and activity for that day is more free and easy. So, my dad decided go for shopping. Well, if you at Langkawi shopping chocolate is WAJIB! Hahahahaa..

*Warning! Entry banyak selfie. Lalalalalaaa~

Dah sampai Langkawi tak sah kalau tak singgah Hj. Ismail Group ni kan. I know HiG since I was a kid where my late mom love to shop there whenever we reached Langkawi. It is like a must place to go. But that time I remember that they only in a small outlet but now they have Kompleks already!! Such a successful business. Not only Kompleks but also Hotel! 

You can find sooo many things in here.. Pengsan~~

Why am I so excited selfie with this Chocolates and Pinggan Mangkuk?? Hahhaa.. Because this things very famous in here. They like "CELEBRITY" where all tourists and customers looking for them. Hikss.. Am I right? NGEE..

Yahhh! Total spending that day. My dad "hantu chocolate" Hahahaa.. I pun beli.. Tumpang sekaki.. 
After done with the shopping, we go back to our hotel and packing stuff and our luggage. It's check-out time. 

While waiting for our flight at 8:50pm to KL. Sempat la kami sekeluarga sambung jalan-jalan dekat Langkawi ni. My sister keep mention about "cable car" so many times and we decide to go there. Walaupun dah banyak kali jejak Cable Car dekat Langkawi ni still nak naik lagi.. Hahahaa.. By the way, they called it as Sky Cab at Langkawi not Cable Car but most people will mention Cable Car obviously! Hehehee..

Here the price range for Sky Cab Langkawi. We choose Combo D.

So, once in the Sky Cab, just enjoy the view! Anyone afraid of heights??? Hohohoo.. *rugii

You know lahh how hot these days and it was awesome to get some ice-cream! YUMSSS

Beloved family! **semua annoying! Errr~

Overall, I can see some improvement about this Sky Cab. They keep improve things this and that to ensure that tourist or anyone come here to be satisfied with their services. The time my family and I arrive around 3-4 pm like that. Cuaca panas but ada angin tiupsepoi-sepoi, sejuk la sikit. Hehehee.. If you notice that dorang also have the "Lock & Key" which very famous in Namsan Tower, Korea and Bukit Bendera in Penang Malaysia. The view was great. Naik-naik terus excited nak snap picture banyak2. I berpeluh-peluh la of course so advise for you to wear something comfortable okehh.. I'm just comfortable like this ^_^

Nak turun dahhh! LOL.. That is my sister yang beriya nak naik at last dalam cable car dia yang takut. KELAKAR sangat! Hehehee.. My brother seronok la sakat dia.. I is relax jerr.. Ngeehee..

What a coincidence that day, I bump with my junior at high-school (ASTECH)! I was really shock because I did't expect to meet anyone I know here especially going on holiday with my family. Hehehee.. She is the definition of beauty okeh! Alahai.. still gorgeous dari dulu.. Nice to meet you sister. Take care! Jumpa next time okehh..

The timing was just nice! Everything went well, We able to finish our tour and going to the airport right after that. But, since semua lapar, kami pun singgah dekat Port makan which ramai orang near the beach and airport. To be honest the food is not that good lahh. I DON'T SUGGEST you to eat at the place. Not worth! Kami makan sebab kami lapar.. Nak taknak dah bayar, kena la makan. Hehehe.. But next time, tak singgah dah kot.

Here the cendol and Pasembok (Rojak). Cendol tak cukup kaw which I think the taste is weird and pasembok kuah x sedap plus the ingredient is not fresh seem like they recycle form previous food like that. I'm telling this based on my personal opinion taw. If you go there and able to eat good food maybe you are lucky get the fresh one. Hahahhaa.. For me, I tak suggest lahh sini.. Ada certain ingredient dia buat I rasa nak muntah. I try 3 kali, 3 kali rasa nak muntah and I stop! Urghhh.. 

But the best is that, I can enjoy this beautiful view with not so good meals. Hahhahaha.. 
**Muka basi tak makeup! Lalalalaaa~

It is the time for us to go. Bye bye Langkawi. Thanks for the beautiful memory!
Will come back for more adventure activity soon..

When I go through this entry from the beginning macam kelakar pun ada because last-last banyak hentam in Malay. By the way, I write my blog my way ("Manglish" also can). As long I feel like I able to give you the information I'm okay with that. Teehee.. If you have anything to ask don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be more happy to answer it :)

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Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. liz dah naik juga cable car ni, ya rabbi gayat giler weh. Lepas dah dekat atas kena naik2 lagi, kdg2 ada kayu yang dah rosak sikit, cuak2.

    btw code color lipstick please. hehe