Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whats Up LANGKAWI: [DAY 1] Touch down, check in De'Baron Resort and sunset view

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This week has been quite different for me compare to the previous week, I finally experience Job Interview. Woahh.. It is a really good experience for me. Wish me luck guys.. Hihihiii..

Here my story regarding my short holiday with my family at Langkawi last week. If you follow me on instagram (@syafiqahhashimxoxo) you surely know about this right. The main reason for us flying from KL to Langkawi is because of my Dad's reunion with his collage friends. So, we take this for our little short vacation as well. Weeeheeee~

That day we flying with Malindo Air, Our flight was at 2.30pm and we departure from Airport Subang. See what next to me. My seat are exactly next to this fan or blade that going to spin fast in the air. It become a little bit scary every time I try to see through window. I suppose to see a great view end up seeing this spinning blade grrr... *scary weyh!

Despite being scary, I still wanna posing there. Ngeehee. Showing off my watch there, Thanks my sister for the watch that she bought at Japan. Just what I need!

 Here I am, touch down at Langkawi, It is been awhile since I'm here. The last time I'm at Langkawi for vacation was about 2-3 years ago that time my late mom is here and I share a great memory with her and to be sad that Langkawi is the last destination for her holiday before she was totally ill and left us forever T__T *nangis jap

Arghhh.. tak nak la sedih-sedih..heee..
The moment we arrived at Langkawi, we take rental car and since my family semuanya bebesor and we carry a lot a bags and luggage, my dad took toyota innova, Rental for the toyota innova car is 180/day and we rental for 2 day and half but the car owner just give us the amount of 2 days which is RM360/2days. If you choose smaller car like viva it will surely cost you less.  

The hotel we stay for 3 days 2 night is De'Baron Resort, Langkawi. This hotel was actually belongs to my dad's friend. So, every activities during our stay at Langkawi was handle by this hotel management. 

 On the first day of our trip is more like free and easy session. We check in and have a great rest after 1 hour of flight. Glad my dad request for 2 Deluxe Room so in one room they have 2 queen beds. Comfortable enough for us! Tak sempat nak snap the room picture because everyone jump onto the bed right away.. Hahahaa..

This is the sunset view from Langkawi. MasyaAllah the view was amazing. It is not a regular view that we can see at KL. Obviously! Hahahaa. You can check out I made a short video in instagran HERE

During night time, We are served with steamboat meals. Wahhh.. It was delicious even-tho the Tom Yam was spicy but I still bare with it sebab sedappp! Well, I cannot stand with spicy food tho but my sister said that it is not that spicy. Hahaha.. Lalalalaa~

The real adventure will begin on the next day! And the entry surely going to be long. Hihihiii.. Wait for it!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Wah. De Baron. Yang dekat dengan geopark inn tuke. Dekat dengan kedai RAMS. hehe.

    1. Tak pasti dengan lokasi apa tp dkt ares Kuah Langkawi.. ehee

  2. mieza last pegi langkawi utk bercuti entah zaman bila x ingat. hahaha