Saturday, April 16, 2016

Estee Lauder Little Black Liner review

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Eyeliner is a must for every girl out there. Either you a newbies in makeup world or beauty junkie eyeliner is a must, Choosing a great eyeliner sometime can be tough especially when it come to pick the great formula that suits you. If you read my monthly favorite haul for March, you surely notice that I mention about this eyeliner right. As I promise in that post I will make a full review about this Estee Lauder Little Black Liner and why I love it.

Let's talk about the tip. When you choose your eyeliner it is important to choose the best tip to ensure you able to get the right line according to your desired shape. What make this eyeliner special is that it has two point-end with different for thickthin and ultra thin line. Give eyes the edge. ultra-fine tip lines with precision. Meanwhile the flat wedge tip creates a classic line or tum it on its side for thick, full-on drama.

Here the different in size with thick and thin line effect. You can get 3 different line actually that is thick, thin and ultra-fine, here I just show you 2 different line for this eyeliner.

Overall, I really like this eyeliner. I like the color and how multi-tasks this eyeliner can be. The color is black that quite pigmented for a liquid liner. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and flake-proof formula. Suitable for day or night. Depends on what eye-looks you want to create. As it claim that you can create 3 ways eye look with this eyeliner that is ultra-fine, thin, and thick ! I use this eyeliner a lot of time. Normally I will grab this eyeliner especially if I want to doll-up for an event.

Price: RM135.00
Where to buy: Estee Lauder counter or Estee Lauder website 

As opinion for price, I acknowledge that this is quite pricey for an eyeliner. Teehee.. But if you want to invest on high-end eyeliner I probably suggest this to you or you can just stick to what eyeliner you have now. I hope you like my opinion, if you have any inquiries or question don't hesitate to inform me. 

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  1. my eyeliner skill is now so kelaut coz dah lama tak buat winged semua tu. need to practise again (T_T)

    1. Yeahh.. tu je la boleh buat. Practice makes prefect kan.. I punn need more practice. ehehee..

  2. Interesting.. but the price mcm hmmmm jugak lah! haha