Monday, April 25, 2016

Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

The main reason I purchase this because my previous milk cleansing from Medkare finished and I decide to find new cleansing milk and I went to Sephora and notice about this. I read through the label and I find that this is just what I'm looking for. So, Here I want to share my experience using this product. The main reason why I choose milk cleansing because I was advised by expert to ensure do double cleansing every night. Therefore I keep this as my night-time routine.

This is how the packaging looks like. You can see I make a haul about this product HERE
This product come in two sizes if I'm not mistaken which in 200ml and 400ml. The one I own is in 400ml which can last up to 6 month I guess based on how regular you use it. 

So, let's start with a little experiment here. As you can see in the picture I swatch a few lipstick that based of matte lipstick which is long lasting. I also swatch an eyeliner and mascara there. Both are waterproof based. So, let's see how far this milk-cleansing can clean this yaww..

You can see step-by-step I show in the picture. That is how I normally do on my face. I just speard the milk cleansing all over my face and I massage in circular motion all over my face. I do this for about a minute or half like that. Normally until I satisfied and find my skin clean.

This is the result after rinse the whole process. As you can see it able to remove 98% of the impurities and makeup that I swatch. And after I'm done with the process I will directly go for my facial wash and follow my night time routine. This method will ensure that your skin 100% clean from makeup residue and impurities. Imagine you just was your skin once. Does the dirt really wash-off?? Hihihi.. I share a little tips also here. For those who want a better skin ensure you do double cleans okeh! You will find the different. Also, find a suitable skincare for your skin..

Overall, I find that Sephora Sephora Cleansing Milk does the job very well, It's kinda in a tick formulation compare to the Milk Cleanser I used before, which is good because with 2 pumps of this milk cleansing it able to cover for the whole face. As claim by Sephora that it contains macadamia oil for softer skin. It is dermatologically and ophthalomologically tested which suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin. This can optimize makeup removal by finishing up with refreshing toner. You will feel a little moisture after rinse your face but don't just stop there, makesure use your facial wash with foaming type after that okeh. The price for 400ml is RM70 while for 200ml is RM45. Worth to get the bigger size I guess. You can get this product at any Sephora outlet near you or order online via Sephora websites.

Well, I hope you find my review helpful.

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  1. Milk cleansing pernah cuba tp rasa xselesa sebab dia lembut sgt dkt muka. Liz suka yg bila dah cuci dia rasa tegang. Hehe

    1. Milk Cleansing ni elok for double cleansing Liz. Which dia bersihkna kotoran and kekalkan moisture kulit instead ripping of the natural moisture..

  2. Nice review darling! I havent used milk cleanser for a long time as now I am using cleansing water or cleansing balm (rotate ikut mood) followed by cleansing oil before the facial wash. Maybe when I run out of my current stock I'll give this one a try ^_^

    1. Thank you Mieza! Give a try once you finished yours okeh.. Ehehee..