Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Beauty: Medkare Product Skincare by IDO's Clinic


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
If you been following me since last year, you'll know that I still recovery from breakouts. I was introduced this new product that clinically proven. It is been a month since I'm suing this product and I can see some different compare to my previous skin. It is not just that, I also received a Carbon Purifying Laser treatment which I tell more details in another post. Excited to share with you guys! But for now, let me explain about my current home care product. Home care really important as I got consult by the Doctor at IDO'S Clinic by Dr. Phong. She remind me home care is important! How do you really take a good care of your skin. As I shared my problem is oiliness, acne and dark spot. So, she share some tips and beauty regime that should be done daily.

Introduce my current skin care. MEDKARE by IDO'S Clinic

Cleansing Milk - Pre-cleansing with hydration and barrier protection
An olive oil based cleanser that glides on like silk and gently lifts away makeup and impurities. It maintains the skin's natural pH balance and does not dry up the delicate skin. The formula contain opulent amount of Vitamin A, D,E,K and olive poluphenol anti-oxidant, keeping the skin lustrous and soft. Ideal for all type skin. 

Suitable for light makeup removal
nourishes and restores the skin
Imbued with vitamins and anti-oxidants
Non-lathering, Non-greasy
Do not cause dryness of the skin

Direction: Apply product and massage gently onto the face and neck in circular motion. Rinse off with water . Used twice day and night. 

Skin type: All skin type
Volume: 130ml
Price: RM150

Acne Face Wash - Oil control, anti bacterial and reduce acne breakouts
Effectively cleans and inhibits bacterial growth. it removes oil and dirt. works fast in unclogging blocked pores. Its poly-anionic character has the ability to combine with proteins on the skin to form a protective film against pathogens and environmental stresses. It can balance sebum protection and bind with water to maintain moisture balance in order to avoid excessive skin dryness.

Non-drying formulation
Anti-bacterial action with Triclosan
Multiple vitamins to enrich the skin
Oil control properties
Unclogs pores

Direction: Apply an adequate amount of product onto palms and use water to work into a rich lather. cleanse face and neck gently. Rinse off with water. Use twice daily during day and night.
Skin type: Oily/Acne prone skin type
Volume: 130ml
Price: RM140

Hydra-Soothe Moiturizer - Lightweight, calming and instant hydration
Formulated from multiple natural botanical extracts, this light cream contains opulant amount of potent anti-irritation, healing agents and moisturizing particles. It provides instant and long-lasting hydration, effective soothing, epidermal barrier protection, anti-oxidation and cellular regeneration.

72 hours long-lasting moisture reserve
Calms and soothes the skin
Reduce flaskiness and itchiness
Improves skin texture and suppleness
Formulated from Chamomile essential oil

Direction: Apply an adequate amount onto the face and neck. Massage with light circular motions. Use twice daily during day and night.
Skin type: sensitive skin type
Volume: 30g
Price: RM170

Facial Treatment Mask - Intensive revitalizing essence. 
Cultivated from salt lake microalga by special fermentation technology, this multi-functional mask mimics the natural character of such alga that has efficient energy generation capability to replenish the energy stores of stressed skin. It also features the highest concentration of active ingredients to support hydration, strengthen skin barrier, increase elasticity, restore optimal cutaneous pH and promote cellular metabolism. It is able to supply the skin a moisture reservoir and protective film that last for up to 72 hours

Moisturizes up to 72 hours
Reduces irritations and redness
Lightens discolorations
Eliminates fine lines
Firms and lifts the skin

Skin type: all skin type
Volume: 27g
Price: RM100 / 6pcs

Gentle Exfoliance - Effective brightening and resurfacing system
A leave-on, plant based treatment that provides safe, non-irritative and effective exfoliation without any tacky after-feel. The formula is largely comprised of papain enxyme, AHA and BHA. It enhance cellular renewal by removing dry and dead skin cells and simultaneously stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the skin integrity. Brightening factors are incorporated to reduce dark sports and uneven skin tone. This is truly a powerful resurfacing serum that revitalizes all dull skin.

Gentle and yet powerful exfoliant
Resurfaces for smoother texture
Reduces dark spots
Unclogs and refines pores
creates luminous complexion

Direction: Apply an adequate amount onto the face and neck. Gently massage in circular motions. Use only at night. 2 times a week.
Skin Type: Aging skin type
Volume: 30ml
Price: RM200

It is been a month for me using this product. To try out skincare it takes about at least 3 month to see the result. But as far I can say I'm quite satisfied with this skincare product. Wait for another 3 month if this still working for me I will keep using it. InshaaAllah. Well, there is up and down obviously since depending on what activity I'm going through. Recently I spend so much time in the soil laboratory and "playing" with a lot of soils + dirt, I can see pimples start to pops-out and on recovery again. Fuhhh! Takes time more than I imagine! Hahhaaa.. But I totally recommended clinical product if you've been suffered from breakouts. Get an advice from expert. They will lead you and teach you step by step. 

Wait for entry regarding my first experience with Carbon Purifying Laser treatment. Totally NEW for me.. Hahahaa.. By the way, if you interested to get treatment from IDO'S Clinic. Fill in the form HERE to get a free RM100 treatment voucher !! Uwahhhhh~~ So lucky! Don't miss this chance! Siapa je senang-senang nak belanja RM100??? Haaa.. 

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Good luck for clean skin. Liz pun tringin juga

  2. Okay Liz.. Jom kita sama-sama usaha kan untuk clear skin.. jeles je tengok orang lain skin smooth jaa.. hee..