Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Water Rafting experience was AWESOME!


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Well, it almost a month since I experience Water Rafting with my blogger buddies. Thank you so much Honda Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to try this awesome experience.I don't want to miss out to share the picture during the awesome experience. I must say you have to try once in a life time for Water Rafting! Super fun experience. You'll learn new things.. I may seem gediks or loving in fashion & beauty but I also love sports and outdoor activities is just that I rarely share much photo of it. But I will update more and moreee soon! I'm gaining weight right now. Maybe because I just being happy surrounded by positive people. Hahahaa.. But I still need to get fit back! Walaahh~ The water rafting is at White Water Rafting, Kampar River, Perak or also know as Riverbug. This is suitable place for you to enjoy and experience water rafting activity. Stopp bebel and let's the picture talk okay. Eheee...

We ready! Bring it on~

Oppsss..Bro Framestone posing maut disitu~

Let's show some spirit here. 

Before it begins. Let's hear some briefing and safety tips from the instructor first. All insturctor here Sado Sado! hahahaa.. They used hand muscle much. More of them is Sabahan. So friendly and funny as well.

This is my team! #TEAMKARAM

This picture explain much why we called our team #TEAMKARAM . Hahahaaa.. 
Still paying the moment in my mind right now. Hahahaa..Adoy..

Thanks Kak Suzai buat peace sampai tutup muka pika.. Hurmm!

Can you feel the AWESOME experience I talk about?? Uwahhh~ 
Will treasure every moment! You must at least try Water Rafting once in your life time. BEST WEYH!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Wow....dah lama nak ber water rafting tapi hajat tak kesampaiannnn

    1. InshaaAllah one day dear! You must try jugakk.. Hehee..

  2. Bestnyaaa. dulu masa kerja VirtualMalaysia, selalu join event2 macam ni. Heheheheheh :)

  3. Belum pernah lagi try aktiviti ni. Teringin tapi tak tau kat mana ada kalau dekat Sarawak.