Wednesday, September 23, 2015

City Bloggers Drive - Honda Family Road Trip 3 to Penang


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
First of all I want to say Alhamdulillah for everything. Hehehe.. Last 2 weeks I have so much fun spending my weekend with my blogger buddies with Honda Malaysia. The moment that I won't forget. Bestt weyh! Eheheee.. Thank you Honda for the great time and opportunity. The Trip is 2 days 1 night (12-13 September 2015). Trust me! There is so many things to share! Well I will go through everything and some I will saperate for specific post because it will make this entry superrrr long. Just to warning this is a very long yet fun post. Muahahahaa.. So please enjoy reading and see all the pictures.

The morning start with good greeting with everyone. Most of the blogger joining this event I already know and meet them before and some are new and really nice to meet them all. Pluss all the Honda members and Pr really nice. Thumbs Up guys! They inform us that we will drive the NEW Honda City car by ourself. In one car have 3 bloggers that will take turns to drive the cars. Means everyone will have the experience to drive the new Honda City! When they first briefly explain about the unique of the New Honda City I was surprise. The technology that applied was almost the same level as the Very Expensive car yet The New Honda City is affordable to own. Yeahh.. The All-New City was developed based on H Design concept, in which the "H" represents the Human Center, emphasizing on the driver and passengers. The front of the sedan features the solid wing face of the Exciting H Design with integrated grille and headlights. Patut lah Hensem & Sexy je Honda City ni! Hahahahaa~

This latest generation of City is powered by the improved 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine that was developed under Honda's Earth Dreams Technology to provide the perfect combination of driving performance and fuel economy! Well, It is important thing to highlight about. FUEL ECONOMY weyhhh! Hahahhaa.. It is also the first time, the ECON mode is now a standard feature in the New Honda City across all variants to further improve the vehicle's fuel usage with the push of a button! it definitely Eco-friendly and many more that I myself cannot explain because I'm no expert in the car technology.. Hahahaa.. But I what I can say that The New Honda City delivers sophistication with great package needed by customer. The combination of premium look, exciting drivability, comfort and spaciousness with class-leading safety features! 

Ready get set! Go~

My car's buddies. Okay abang-abang yer ni. BroFramestone dengan Abang Hafiz.
Kejap-kejap kena buli, kejap-kejap kena tanya soklan cepumas, kejap-kejap dorang ni baik, Kejap-kejap bagi nasihat yang berguna untuk pika, kejap-kejap menggila, pastu baik balik layan saya macam adik dorang, kejap-kejap kena buli balik pastu siap suruh pika tidur lagi kalau penat! Uwahhhh~ Terharuuuu sebab sudi layan pika macam adik sendiri. Maceh-maceh~

On the first ride I just become the passanger and feeling the back-space for myself. Playing around with a lot of stuff while the abang-abang is playing with the New Honda City accessories infront. Bro excited jadi first driver that time drive sesuka dia je.. Hahaha.. Oppsss.. Maaf Bro :P . On our way to go to Penang, Honda were so nice offering us to stop by at Rawang RnR and buy us a cup of Starbucks! Thank youuuu~ Terus rasa convinient, Because the New Honda City have 8 cup holder in the car! YUP, EIGHT!! Minum la sampai puas yerr~ Hahahaaa..

Now, it is the time for me to take over the wheel! Muahahhaaa..
I got the feeling myself to drove this New Honda City! It is comfortable yet elegance at the same time. Weewitt.. Match la dengan pika kan. Ehhhh.. Hahahhaaa...

First thing first, as a girl! Always search for a mirror. I need a mirror to apply my lipstick of course. 

The mix & match my accessories with New Honda City accessories.

Just to let you know, that New Honda City come with 2 packages consisting of Honda's Premium Package (RM1,503.80*) and Honda's Modulo Package (RM3,508.30*) to enable customers to customize their vehicle. They also offers 5-year warrantly with unlimited mileage and service interval is 10,000km to provide further ease to customer to make The New Honda City is suitable for you. Haaa. Why wait? If you looking for car, choose Honda City! 

We reach at Ipoh on lunch time. We lunch at Restoran Yong Suan better known as Nasi Ganja! OMGGG!! This place was massive. Ramai gilerrrrr orang beratur nak makan Nasi Ganja ni.. The queue sometimes take up to 2-3 hours on weekend. Uwahhhh~ Who want to try the Nasi Ganja makesure you kena tanam sifat kesabaran banyak-banyak okeh. Hehehee.. But sekali-sekala nak cuba why not kan :)

This is how the Nasi Ganja looks like. Ready for our lunch. But on that day, We don't really have to queue for long. Just masuk and makan because Honda serve us like VVIP. Thank you Honda and Thanks jugak abang-abang hensem yang jaga kitaorg! Mereka jalankan tugasan dengan baik.. Thumb Up lagi~

Ini pulak geng bila nak Makan and Sembang pung pang pung pang~ Gelak tak tengok kiri kanan.. Hahahahaaa..
My beloved Ahkak Suzai (Sizzling Suzai), Ahkak Fink (PinkMommy) and Fauzi (Dunia Patik). 
*Ehh, ada dua orang lelaki hensem dekat belakang cepat cari.. Hahahhaa.. K.bye~

After we full with Nasi Ganja we stop for prayers and some group photos
To see my full outfit that day HERE

Depart to Juru Auto City, Penang for Honda Family Road Trip.
Aiceh! Masing-masing macam posing cover album! Miss them already..
We excited posing with the New Honda City with NEW color called Dark Ruby Red Pearl. The color is choosen based on most requested by customer. What do you think of the color? I like it !
Honda Malaysia believes that the All-New City is the ideal entry sedan in the Malaysian market and the price will attract many Malaysian consumers. All variants will be locally assembled at Honda Malaysia's Melacca factory. 

We got lucky dapat join test drive Honda Civic 2.0 with Amir Jahari that day. Amir Jahari is a very talented singer, song-writer! Suara dia superbbb~ I always enjoy listening to his song. Every song seem meaningful!

with Su~

Playful clowns! Thanks for this cute balloons flower.. Heheheee..

with Sumi

Wefie sikit dengan Awi Rafael yang turut hadir pada hari tu.

Really??! Sampai bawak all the balloons balik!! Hahahhaa.. 
Thank you for all sebab sudi melayan pika yang sememangnya macam kanak-kanak riang ni! Hahahhaa.. And we're done enjoy our moment at the Honda Family Road Trip at Juru Autocity. Now its dinner time!

As for dinner we go for seafood at Prawn Village. OMG! This place is awesome. They serve a very delicious food and Halal! AT first pika macam ragu-ragu jugak but worry not, Its Halal..So, makan la sampai kenyang yerr~

Sila lapar yer bila tengok gambar ni :P

This is the most unforgettable lahh! Mantao!!! YUMMMM..

This is our place to stay for that night. 5 star Hotel at Penang, The Light Hotel!
I'm enjoy staying a night at there but not fully enjoy every service lahh. Because it is just a place for us to get a rest and sleep because early in the morning dah nak kena gerak for the next activity. 

YEAYYY! Its morning already~
We're ready for next activity! Let's drive the New Honda City~

I'm so excited for the next actitivity!! REALLY EXCITED!!

Oh men! Look how sexy is The New Honda City. Very cool and can even redah jalan sempit and kawasan kampung-kampung.

With Ashley Yeen who so excite play around with the Wide Lens that I bring. 

Moreeee Selfie!!!
we arrived at Riverbug. Everyone so excited for water rafting after this. 

Before that, let's enjoy our meals first
Thank you Honda Malaysia teams for the great service. 

Here we are! At White Water Rafting Kampar River Perak. This Water Rafting at grade II and III. 
Ini lahhh my water rafting buddies! #teamkaram

This is why the hashtag even exist. #teamkaram

So much fun! I will story more details about my own experience with Water Rafting later keyh.
Anyway, you guys memang havoc! dah karam pun masih happy and boleh gelak! memang sekepala lah!

And now we're leaving~ I'm so happy yet tired a little bit. 

While this brother chit-chating I try to sleep at the back.. Muahahahahaa :P

Honda Malaysia team! Thank you so much for the great experience. Will save every memory. Everyone so nice and happy ja walaupun masing-masing kepenatan including me! Hahhahaa..

Thank you all! really appreciate each and everyone of you..
I will treasure every memory. So Happy! Thank you Honda Malaysia..

Ohh yaa~ For any information on the All-New Honda City or you want to book for test drive, you can visit any of the 82 dealers nationwide or you can call Honda's Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log onto Selamat memandu New Honda City yerr~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. pikaaaa rinduuuu pikaaaa yg gorjes akk ingat pesan pika tau..lipstik kena ada di mana mana hahahaha..
    hope honda tak lupakan kita mcm kita tak lupakan diaorang hahahahaha..muah banyak pika..happy kenal pika!

    1. Pika punnnn seronok jumpa Akak Fink!! harap macam tu laa.. Honda Malaysia team tidak lupakan kita kan kan kann.. Ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi yerr Kak Fink.. Muahhhh #Assalammualaikum

  2. Hahahahaha...biar main air mne pon..janji LIPSTIK kekal kt bibir.. Hahahaha

    1. Quotes paling barmakna untuk pika tuu.. Hahahhaaa..

  3. yeahhh suke suke muke kite banyak!!! yeahhhh yeahhh

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    1. Hahahaa.. Thanks yaya.. nasib laa ada popcorn kann..

  5. Oooo.. ini la kanak2 riang yang suka belon tu ek.