Monday, September 21, 2015

Beauty: PHYTO Daily Essentials


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Monday is back! I wish you'll have a great day. Last few weeks I'm able to try hair product from PHYTO. I got the daily essential but in travel size ofcourse and I try the shampoo myself and loving it. I'm a type of person that normally hard to change my shampoo regularly. If I like and suitable for one hair product I will stick to it. That is me! Because I'm afraid if I got hair problem like scalp. Ohh!! Worst nightmare for me but I still got a little hair loss. NGEE.. Since PHYTO is an organic product so I have confident to try the product. Well, you know when you used something based in organic it works much better but it need a long time period to see the result but the result remains longer in time. PHYTO has designed a full range of shampoos and conditioners with original botanical foemulas that are quick and easy to used. Same goes for hair product here. Since I try the travel size so it almost finish or maybe by the time you read this entry it already finish. Hahaha. 

Here is the product. I like the packaging where it used aluminium as to stored their product. Make it looks more exclusive at the same time. Well, the price also exclusive for hair product. NGEE..

It is important to taking care of your hair even you wear hijab like me myself. Going to show it to my future husband that I got a great hair. Hahahaa.. Okay, lari topik! Taking care of your hair means first of all choosing the right shampoo in order to meet the needs of all hair type. PHYTO come with various product for your hair consumption. Trust me. This is my very first time seeing there is sooo many product to take care of your hair. But for course the daily basis is very important for example like shampoo and hair conditioner. As for PHYTO product each formula has its own unique blend of botanical extracts that contribute to the irresistible pleasure provided by its textures, colors and fragrances.

What I've tried is 
Repairing Shampoo - PHYTOKERATINE
suitable for weakened and damaged hair. This is most common used by most of people. 

Express Conditioners - PHYTOBAUME REPAIR
also for weakened and damaged hair
This made of all the "anti-breakage" strength of botanical keratin right in the heart of your hair.

Use these products every day for more beautiful, softer and shinier hair!

For those who looking for some quality hair product your can check out PHYTO.
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