Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIW: Mystique Purple ft.FurAlice Accessories


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
You can called me accessories holic. I admit that I love accessories. Sometime I don't really bother about the price or brand but the quality and design come first for me. Every accessories I choose I must choose in detail about the material it used. Ensure no lost "stone" to it. No decaying and stuff so on. Can call me pricky in choosing accessories. I don't mind. Event sometime You can get a very beautiful bracelet and necklace as low as RM5! I've seen it before. So choose what suitable to you. Another thing I like is Charm Bracelet. recently I discover about FurAlice Accessories where it can help you to customize you accessories according to your desired! And I did one.. check this out!

I love love love it ..Ooo Ooo~
I choose my favorite symbol of Eiffel Tower and favorite color purple. The best thing is! I customize according my Nick name PIKAXOXO !! Loving the result ultimately. FurAlice is a new brand featuring on handmade and sourced swarovski/natural gemstone beads charm bracelets, earings, necklace, and bagcharms/keychains. Apart from that, FurALice is also featuring cute cartoon/anime character bagcharmes which is the Monchhichi bagcharms which has furballs attached to them. Can you imagine how beautiful it will customize for you. 

Size Chart:-
Extra Small: 13-13.5cm
Small: 14-14.5cm
Medium: 15-16
Large: 17-18cm

Outfit details:-
Pashmina: Bazaar
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Unbranded
Handbag: Charles & Keith
Accessories: FurAlice Accessories

Here the thing! If you like to order and customize your accessories yourself, you can check out FurAlice Accessories! They will give you the best service as to satisfied your inquires. Another special things is. You will get 15% discount by quoting "PIKAXOXO"

FurAlice Accessories
Instagram: @furalice_accessories
Line: thefuralice
Wechat: thefuralice

Place your order now! Customize one for you and love one! Ppsssttt.. here an idea for a gift as well. Don't miss out! You must at least have one Charm Bracelet in you collection. Ehee~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_


  1. kita tgk ig awa mg jenis suka accessories ... wish someday liz ada bnyk koleksi mcm hang juga .. hehe

    1. Sure! Jom g shopping accessories sama-sama nnti k..

  2. Wow, cantiklah sis. Nanti saya tengok kat website. Kot-kot ada yang berkenan di hati.

    1. Okay Wawa. Directly visit Facebook terus pun boleh.

  3. cantiklaaaa pika pakai shawl tu, nak tutorial boleh? hehehehe Cantik betul charm bracelet ni. hehehe

    1. Tutorial shawl eh? Heee.. Nanti pika buat. InshaaAllah. Jangan lupa order charm bracelet at FurAlice Accessories k.. Heee