Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beauty: COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Another new mascara I owned on June/July 2015. I decide to give a try to this mascara becasue people rave about it and most found that it is similar to the Maybelline Rocket Mascara. You can check out more comparison video about this two. What about my opinion for this mascara? Hee..

The packaging is kinda "Bulky" in orange tube. I like the designed of the packaging. Really nice and sleek at the same time. 

The mascara is very black. 

The bristle is made up from synthetic wand. It is big and as you can see the tip of the bristle is keep smaller in size which I found not helpful at all! errr~ Hahahaa..

Here the close up look when I'm apply the mascara. 2 coats of it.

It claims as volumizing mascara. COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara come with boosting hypoallergenic mascara formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max cut each and every lash but I find it kinda hard for me to apply to the inner corner eyelashes including my bottom lashes. I wish the bristles will appear more at the tip of it. That what I found kinda down about it. But in-term of formulation it is good. Sometimes i used another mascara bristles to settle down at the inner corner eyelash. It waterproof but not smudge proof okay so still beware. But i found it nice because easy for me to remove it. Love how black its appear on the lash. Perfect for two coats and more! You couldn't notice any different with one coat. The best to apply mascara is do not pump the wand inside the tube becasuse it will adds air bubbles inside the tube can dry your mascara in it. Make sure you apply one coat of mascara and wait til it dry a bit and coat again and reapply the mascara. The best result appear when you focusing at the outer edges of your lash. 

I hope you'll find my review helpful for you. This is first time trying COVERGIRL Brand. WIll check out more products from this brand soon. This brand is quite difficult to get in physically on store in Malaysia but you can order online through the pre-order seller that purchase makeup from overseas. I wish I can suggest one but so far I found it is difficult to get the nice one so I don't want to put out the name here. Heee.. Price range around RM30++ *according to the seller.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Eah besnye dia pnya packaging wane oren comel je. Tp org yg pakai tu lg comel laaaa

  2. Kalau saya, tak pernah lagi pakai mascara. Konon-konon takut bulu mascara tu tercucuk dekat anak mata. Hahah.

    - ordinarywawa