Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beauty: PHYTO PHYTOKERATINE - Repairing thermal protectant spray


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Another hair care that I want to highlight here. Even wearing a hijab, I still take a good care of my hair. Especially my scalp avoid from any itchy scarlp and smelly smell. Will always make sure I wash my hair once every 2 days. Event wearing hijab, I still want my hair to look healthy, soft and shine. I want to share this PHYTO PHYTOKERATINE, a hair product that help your hair more softer and avoid from any hair damage. I always used this after done my shampoo routine. Apply roughly on my hair when my hair still in wet condition after shower. Spray on clean towel-dried hair and comb through my hair using my fingers. Can be applied on dry hair as well for easier styling. This is a Leave-in so you don't have to rinse after use it. This is really interesting because I found that much easier to apply because of the spray technique and it keep my hair moisture yet easy to absorb. Most important is it do not leave any crease texture on your hair or hand. It is heat-activated and heat-protecting, PHYTOKERATINE styling spray works to reconstruct and consolidate hair's internal structure shilw safeguarding hair form hot tools and preventing breakage. Designed for weakened damaged hair. This is one of my hair routine. You can find any PHYTO counter or for more info visit

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