Monday, October 05, 2015

Shopping Haul: Markets 16 @ Jaya One


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Let's check out my shopping haul during Markets 16 @ Jaya One! Massive shopping haul I can say!

The Premium FIne Classic Shavers from Scott's Shavers is so classy! To achieve a personalised, smooth clean shave without having to hurt your skin and wallet. It designed to fit personalities of people who want to look good and to look good doing it. Yezza. I give this as a gift to my beloved friend. He definitely loving it! On the other box is Doc Lab Face Ampoule.

Scott's Shavers

DocLab Face Ampoule contain Hyaluronic Acid and can hold up tp 1000 times its weight in water and making an excelent natural skin glow. the main reason is to reduce wrinkles and restore your skin lost collagen production. It will make your skin smooth and tighten so you can look younger in a minute! Uwahh.. I'm so excited to try this product. Hehee..


George Town by Josh Lee Heritage Fragrance for Him & Her. Experienced the fragrance of punget spices mingled with heady scents of local flowers (hibiscus & rose) and woody scent from traditional houses in the vicinity. I really like the packaging of this perfume come with wooden cap on top of it make it looks exclusive plus the fragrance in it is in turquoise color. The scent it so fresh like flower. Thumbs Up! Like it. Gonna put this on my perfume collection. woohott~

Josh Lee Fragrance

Introducing the Handmade and all natural with 100% chemical-free product Claire Inspire Perfume/Oil. When I have this I was quite surprise because it is really based with organic products in it. As we all know nowadays there is so many product with all kinds of harmful chemical but Claire is totally different. This Inspire Perfume/Oil have a very nice scent to it. make me more Calming  and Uplifting. 

Caire - Handbade with Love

I got this 3 awesome stuff that is Raw sugar Body Scrub, Lip Scrub and Shea Butter Lip Balm from Earth Care Soaps. All product from Earth Care Soaps using natural remedies to heal you with affordable and clean products for your skin's wellbeing. Most of the product use a quality and pure organic material such as shea butter, planys oils, essential oils and herbs. This definitely mild for everyone. I'm excited to try out the product myself. Smell of roses and lavender. Calming!

Earth Care Soaps - Handmade Artisan Soap
Instagram: @earthcaresoaps

Another accessories that I got. So cool! It is custom made and come with great design as well. Vintage 1988 a Malaysian Brand that came out with bracelet, necklace, phone casing and many more! I super love the phone casing because it come with a very meaningful words. Such motivation for us as reminder to stay happy and positive. The moment I get this i terus tukat phone casing and try out the bracelet and necklace. Like it love it! Let's support our local brand.

 Vintage 1988 -  Malaysian Brand 
Instagram: @vintage1988instagram

This 2 cute lipbalms! Another lipcare products. Yezzaaa..

Beadjules Handmade

Hook Clothing

A very cute Korean Fashion Headbands. Come with beautiful design and colors. It sure handmade! I wear this during my time at home obviously. So cute make me fefeeling like korean girl! Hehee..

Precious & Colours - Korean Fashion Headbands
Instagram: @koreanheadbands

Temporary Metallic tattoos in gold color from Peep Boutique and Coloruful android cable from Cable Trouble.


Cable Trouble 

Add another blazer collection for me. Weee~ I love blazer because it help in making a great body structured especially for plussize girl like me. But to find a blazer that suitable for Malaysia's weather is quite difficult since normally blazer come with thick material but I got this one that comfortable for me to wear.

Some recycled bag. Really like the design

So many new things to try now. Wuuuhuuuuu~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^