Friday, October 02, 2015

WhatsUpKL: MARKETS 16 @ Jaya One


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last Sunday (27 September 2015), I went to MARKETS 16 @ Jaya One! As you all probably already know that I buzz about it the day before I went to this Markets 16. At first I suppose to go with my friend end up he could't make it because he from Melaka and the traffic during that time is heavy because Holiday is off. So everyone pun nak balik KL. But I'm okay with it, still enjoy myself shopping around the MARKETS 16 @ Jaya One. I was quite surprise because the venue is so comfortable with a cozy and got air-conditioner as well. So do not need to worry about the haze. WEEE~
 A place for me! Accessoriesholic!! I purchase 3 rings .. Satisfied enough..

 So many local brands and handmade product.

The Food Truck!

 I got something from this Vendor right here. Weehee~

One of store that catch my eye. Glossy Addiction. Selling do many beautiful handbags! 

Its been awhile since I follow-up with Bazaar event like this and MARKETS 16 sure brings a lot of cool stuff in market! So many Local Brand I recently know and so many handmade product people invented. UWAHHH! Really Looking forward for something cool like this. As I mention there is Fashion, Beauty, Music and Food all in ONE!! Enjoy myself when I was there. I will update what I shopping during MARKETS 16 @ Jaya One. Wait for my Shopping Haul okehh.. Hehee.. For my opinion this kinda Bazaar really interesting for all especially the teenagers. You can find so many product plus shop some pre-loved item. Looking for new local brands that available in market and meet-up with new friends. Looking forward for the next MARKET 17 @ Jaya One !

Don't forget to like Markets Facebook Page: for more info for the upcoming event. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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