Saturday, April 16, 2022

Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser - Travel Friendly

 Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Since this year, all Malaysian are allowed to go back to our hometown to celebrate Raya after 2 years with the restriction by the government because of the pandemic and now everyone excited to celebrate this Raya with their loves one. But, you can predict the traffic on the road that day.. fuhhh~ it's going to be hellaaa jemmed.. Confirm! Hahahaa.. Since the excitement is there probably we won't feel the hustle that much (except the driver.. LOLLL). 

I just want to share with your guys this Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser from Plant Origins that you can bring along during the long hours on you "Balik Kampung" journey. Can be your best companion on the road. Weeee~

The portable diffuser use the USB type cable, so you can use your power bank or if you’re in the car, you can use the USB car charger adapter to switch it on.. easy peasy.. ⁣

The one that I have here is one of their Raya Gift box that includes:-

• Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser (70ml)⁣

• Diffuser Bag (1 unit)⁣

• Personal Care Travel Kit (5 units)⁣

• Blood Orange Essential Oil (10ml)⁣

The diffuser bag comes in is cute design that fit the diffuser nicely and it is lightweight and easy to bring along especially during travel. 

Plant Origins Blood Orange Essential Oil (10ml)⁣ for refreshing scent with citrus vibes. 

Personal Care Travel Kit that includes shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, hand soap in this one small pouch that you can bring along for balik kampung. 

They have other Raya promotion as well. Pick which one that suits you. 

⁣It time to elevate your home vibes with Plant Origins Aromatherapy Products 🍃⁣

Psssttt.. perfect gift 🎁 for Raya as well 😍

For more info, do check out their promotion here:-

1. Balik Kampung Raya Gift Box - balik kampung

2. Plant Origins Raya Bundle -

I wish everyone have a blast Raya this year, filled with joy and happiness. Stay safe and stay healthy. Remember to follow SOP when you're beraya from one place to another okay. I miss the beraya moment. Oh my my~ *excited

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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