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THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Vegan Line

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Vegan Beauty = Clean Beauty 

Vegan Beauty in particular is a must-have value for the future generation. Vegan Beauty means there is no animal-derived ingredients and animal cruelty in making cosmetics products. Vegan Beauty is one of the most important ethical values emphasized in Clean Beauty.

THE FACE SHOP recently release their new skincare line called 'The Therapy Vegan Line' that coexists with nature via environment-friendly ingredients and biodegradable packaging and offers authentic efficacy at the same time. They also changed their logo to embrace Clean Beauty in the brand's philosophy. 

Introducing THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Vegan Line. Consist of Toner and Cream. 

THE FACE SHOP aims to present its new concept of Clean Beauty with The Therapy Vegan line at its center

The products used craft paper packaging which minimized lamination and printing. And the ingredient formulated with eco-green Swiss edelweiss extract which helps increase moisture level and resilience of the skin while having an excellent soothing effect. Also, the product is free of 24 kinds of harmful additives/ ingredients 

 The Therapy Vegan Toner 

In this toner consist of 3 essential oils (sandalwood, avocado, Palmorosa) which forms a hydrating shield on a skin surface to prevent the evaporation of moisture and leave skin feeling light and moisturized. It is well presented as an all-in-one care with its high effect on miniaturization. The texture is thin more like a water texture and absorb pretty quick.

Price: RM144.90
Net Weight: 180ml

 The Therapy Vegan Blending Cream 

It is called as Blending Cream because is has oil gel cream formula on the top layer and hydrating cream at the bottom layer. You need to mix the two layer  with the spatula given before you use. It will mix/ blend pretty easy together> this concept is to develop an airy texture on the cream and it will lock more moisture. The formula is thick, and best to be used for normal to dry skin type. I used this cream during night time as it will give more moisture on my skin. 

Price: RM196.90
Net Weight: 60ml

The concept of "Clean Beauty" is becoming more important issue in out daily lives. With the value of Clean Beauty, THE FACE SHOP plans to expend it Vegan Line which benefits not only our skin but also the nature. This Vegan Line is 100% certified vegan formula by Korean Vegan Certification Union which leads to a strong characteristic of 'The Therapy Vegan Line'.

You can get The Therapy Vegan Line at any THE FACE SHOP Physical Store and you also can get it online on their website or Shopee and Lazada

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