Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser (Christmas Gift Set)

 Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you're looking for the best present for your loved ones (or even for yourself) this upcoming Christmas, why not you give them Plant Origins Christmas Gift Set.. Starting with only RM 90 you can get a whole set of Christmas Gift Set including Aromatherapy products, skincare, and personal care products from Plant Origins. Yeap..Great deals !

The one I'm using right now is their latest diffuser which is Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser (600ml). It comes in this beautiful and sleek design suitable for those who wants to give that exclusive vibes to their house. 

Close up look on the Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser

I can say that Plant Origins probably one of my favorite brand for diffuser in the market because of the quality, design and also the price wise and even better when they are having promotion (like this Christmas Set Gift.. hehee)

Not only that, Plant Origins also popular with their essential oils. I bet everyone know the benefits of essential oil for our body and mind. It will helps to boost-up your mood and the scent will make you feel more calm and relax. I have a few types of Plant Origins Essential oils and my current favorite right now is their Bulgarian Lavender.. oh my my!! it really helps to boost up my mood during the day and make me feel more relax during the night.. 

This is pretty new to me. It is Plant Origins Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.. This eye pillow come with lavender scent and it will helps you to get a better sleep during night time.. 

Ohh yaaa.. if you buy any Plant Origins Christmas Set,. It will wrapped up in a Luxe Gift Box as well as Christmas Card that’s perfect for gifting.. You don't have to worry on how to wrap your present.. the box itself already come in cute packaging.. less hustles.. heheee..

Close up look on the Christmas Card

The fun part they even put this DIY "miniature" Christmas tree on the card

Cute right!! Hehehee

This is the perfect time for you to grab this awesome promo from The Plant Origins. Do visit https://www.signaturemarket.co/my/marketplace/snack/all/2/58/Bundles-Gift-Sets.html for more awesome deals! Hurry up while stock last guys~

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