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Ecolite Boostick supplement - Tradition Meets Science

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Have you heard about Ecolite Boostick before? If you enter Guardian store or any Leading Pharmacy you will notice Ecolite Boostick on the supplements/ vitamins section. Ecolite Boostick or so called as a tradition meets science type of supplement where they come out with advanced paste-making technology that make it easier and convenient for us to consume.

This is how the Ecolite Boostick packaging looks like. It comes in a small box with 3 different variants which is Concentrated Pear + Bird's Nest (baby blue), Concentrated Red Dates (pink) + Dates Palm, Concentrated Wolfberry + White Chrysanthemum (green).

Ecolite Boostick is a supplement that combines traditional paste making, honey refining and extraction into one. The ingredients are made from high-quality that meet food specifications that using aseptic production and aseptic sealing technology. This to ensure that the supplements are safe to be consumes and only gives great quality ingredient to consumer. 

What is in the package?

12g x 10sachets | Free 1 nos. zip lock bag

 Boostick Concentrated Pear + Bird’s Nest 

Boostick Concentrated Pear + Bird’s Nest targeted for those who are looking for a good complexion. Well, who doesn't want good complexion right?? Hehehee.. Those who desire to enhance, moisturize and beautify their complexion, who having trouble to fall asleep, and even a smokers. 

Ingredients: Chinese Pear, Bird’s Nest, Lily Bulb, Tuckahoe, Monk Fruit, Kudzu Root, Ophiopogon Tuber, Linden Honey,  Galacto-oligosaccharide Syrup (GOS)

Nutrients: Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and bird's nest acid (sialic acid), cellulose, vitamins, prebiotics

It nourishing boost for your complexion because it is high content of water, fiber and nutrient found in Chinese pear, combined with unique epidermal growth factor (EGF) and sialic acid of bird's nest, promotes skin cell renewal and provides extra nourishment. 

 Boostick Concentrated Red Dates + Date Palm 

Boostick Concentrated Red Dates + Date Palm is targeted for those who wants rosy checks as the ingredients in it nourishing boost for vitality and blood circulation. Suitable for those who always looking pale or often have cold hands and feet, weak blood circulation, or for post-menstrual maintenance.

Ingredients: Red Date,  Date Palm, Brown Sugar, Linden Honey, Galacto-oligosaccharide Syrup (GOS)

Nutrients: Carotene, rich in vitamin A, C, iron, cellulose and riboflavin

Rich in blend of red dates and date palms that high in iron and various vitamins to nourish the blood and tonify Qi, promote hematopoietic function, nourish skin and hair and relieve constipation. This will also prevents anaemia, cold hands and feet caused by deficiency of vitality and blood, prevents toxin accumulation caused by constipation

 Boostick Concentrated Wolfberry + White Chrysanthemum 

Boostick Concentrated Wolfberry + White Chrysanthemum is for good eyesight. Nowadays, everyone always on the phone/ computer screen for long hours and the ingredients in this concentration will helps to nourishing boost for the eyes and this also good for those with impaired vision and eye strain. 

Ingredients: Wolfberry, White Chrysanthemum Flower, Prune, Pomegranate,Linden Honey, Galacto-oligosaccharide Syrup (GOS)

Nutrients: Lutein, Anthocyanin, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Carotene, Calcium, Iron

Wolfberry, White Chrysanthemum and Pomegranate are rich in various nutrients that are beneficial for the eyes and help to relieve eye fatigue. The ingredient has great benefits to protects, repairs and relieves dry eyes. It will prevent from cataracts, myopia, and presbyopia, prevent blue light damage, anti-oxidation

My review:-
First of all, let's talk about how convenient the packaging is.. It is easy to bring along with you anywhere and anytime. You don't have to mix with water or what so ever, just simply tear the sachet and consume it right away. What I like about this supplement is because it have specific targeted for every ingredients not like "all-in-one" type of supplements. You can consume it based on your needs and problem you have instead. Ecoite Boostick only used high-quality ingredients for each products to ensure that consumer gets the benefits and when you consume it you can taste the paste-like texture (thick texture) not watery-type texture.. Fast results?? hmmm... dah nama pun supplements kan.. Thus, you need to regularly consume it to get the results and that's how supplements works, it acts as a booster.. In term of taste, 3 of them taste good! no weird taste or smell and i enjoyed consume it..

Price: RM36.00 / box

Availability: Guardian store and website

Direction of use: 2 sachets a day (morning/ night)

Make sure you store the product in a cool/ dry place as this is a natural product, some sedimentation is normal and there may be occasional variations in color and taste. 

How to consume: Simply tear the sachet and consume directly or you can mix it with warm water

For more info check Ecolite:-

INSTAGRAM: @ecolite_malaysia 

FACEBOOK: Ecolite 


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