Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Diffuser - Must Have

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With current situation, we are encourage to stay at home and stay safe all the time. Thus, it is important to keep our environment pleasing and calming for our mental and physical health. One way you can improve your house environment is by using Aromatherapy Diffuser where it will helps to enhance your mood and environment. Not only that, it is the best way to recharge your senses as well.

If you're still looking for the best Aromatherapy Diffuser, I would like to recommend for you to try one from a brand called Plant Origins. This is a trusted brand where they strives to capture the fleeting beauty of nature through the use of essential oils and natural aromatherapy products. 

This has become one of my daily routine where I will "activate" my Aromatherapy Diffuser and let it flow thought out the room. Well, you know that sometimes we tend to feel weighed down and we need something to boost our mood and this is one of the quick-way you can do it. Simply turn-on the Arometherapy Diffuser and drop a few drops of essential oils and Walahhh! You're done !

Did you know that Essential oils can enhance your overall well-being and lifestyle. YASS! Plant Origins Essential Oil is one of my favorite where it is concentrated extracts derived from potentially beneficial plants. Aromatherapy Diffuser will disperses essential oils into the air and fills the area with wonderful scent that can unwinding after a tough day.

I truly enjoy using Plant Origins Aromatherapy Diffuser where it does enhance and boost my mood everyday. The diffuser that I'm using it comes with Bluetooth speaker with it where I can connect it with my phone and play my favorite song. This is one of the reason I like this about this diffuser and also they come with remote control where you can control it from far. 

Essential Oils from Plant Origins are 100% pure and extracted from aromatic plant parts where it do not contain any diluent and only have natural medicinal & aroma-therapeutic properties. The one that I have is their Energise Functional Kit. This is a selection of rejuvenating essential oils specially curated to restore the spring in your step and the sparkle to your eyes. 

Consist of 4 essential oils includes:-

✨ Refresh & Reset Essential Oil Blend

An uplifting but not overly energizing blend, it comprises a cheerful and refreshing combo of orange and eucalyptus essential oils to give your mood a much-needed boost and awaken your senses

✨ Lemon Essential Oil

With its tangy, vibrant and zesty notes, lemon essential oil can help promote healthy hair and akin while enhancing the fragrance of your living space by inviting a sense of clarity when it’s diffused and inhaled

✨ Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Light, refreshing and citrusy without being too sharp, the oil’s refreshingly tangy scent helps to lift your mood and also aid with hangovers

✨ Spearmint Essential Oil

Minty fresh with a fruity nuance, spearmint essential oil is the subtler cousin of peppermint due to its lower levels of menthol content. Its refreshing scent aids in enhancing concentration, relieving stress and boosting energy levels

A few method you can use essential oils:-

- Simply inhale

- Apply to skin

- Use an essential oil diffuser

- Use in a bath

- Use an oil burner

Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit include 4 travel size personal care

If you're interested to try Plant Origins Aromatherapy Diffuser, I advice you to get it now because they have promotion. I would called it an "INSANE PROMOTION" hahhaaa.. because the price is super affordable compare to the Normal Price. You can get the Starter Kit starting from RM139.90

This is also a great gift for your loves one. Trust me, they gonna love it because noting is more rewarding to know your loves one happy and comfortable all day, every day. 

Plant Origins probably one of affordable brand if you're looking for a pure essential oils. It is versatile and convenient for everyone that want to improve their health and quality of life.

Till then, xoxo

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