Sunday, October 20, 2019

Facial treatment experience at Soul Beauty

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After back-to-back holiday, my skin really need some treatment and I went to Soul Beauty at Sunway Giza branch to try their facial treatment. This is my first time visit Soul Beauty and kinda excited to see what they offer for my skin type. 

When I first enter the store I feel welcome as their staff/ beauticians friendly and the interior decoration aslo nice. Well, I love purple so whatever in purple color I like. Hahahaa..

Soul Beauty is a beauty care specialist company that provide the most comfortable and caring facial treatments that can resolve your skincare concerns. The products and machines mainly from South Korea. They bring the technologies here in Malaysia so that they can help more women towards the road of beauty, gain their confidence, shape their own glory and enjoy life. And also men lahh.. Hihihii..

Waiting area

the hallway

They offer a wide range of treatments , to make your body look and feel great. Their therapeutic massage treatments focus on relaxation, sports massage and muscle tone, to relieve the stresses and stains of everyday life. and MOREEEE..

Treatment Room


I was impressed when I enter the treatment room. It is sooo beautiful and cheerful. Somehow it lightens up my mood that day. Hehehee.. Because I like seeing cute things! LOL #mudahterhibur

Anyway, let's talk about the treatment... When I arrived I'm not sure what is the name of the treatment but turns out they actually can customize the treatment according to our skin concern. That day I get to try 3 types of treatment. But before the 3 special facial treatment, there will be the Double Cleansing, Exfoliating, Ion Cold Steam, Extraction and Soothing Mask

After all the step above, they proceed with Omega Light Treatment. 

This is one of the technology where it helps produces new collagen which pushes the folds of the wrinkles out and new elastin. I find it SOO COOL! Hehehee.. It also helps to tighten the skin and give it more elasticity! It may seems scary but you'll feels nothing! no pain or what so ever. Just simply close you eyes and wait for the machines do it works! Hehehee..

🌿 Skin rejuvenation
🌿 Suppression of sebaceous glands
🌿 Reduction of pigmentation
🌿 Acne treatment

After that, is the Korea RF Aqua Vital Treatment.

This is to removes impurities and other causes of skin problems while supplies  nourishing properties to skin. NO PAIN or weird feeling what-so-ever, most of the time I feel comfortable. This treatment will also reduce pore size and promotes healthie skin. I find it good because normally after extraction you pores will open-up more and this will reduce the pore size and and any pains after extraction. 

Another awesome treatment that is LED Magic Mask! WUUHUUU~
*I look funny! Hahahaa..

This LED Magic Mask will helps to increase of collagen up to 5 times better and also detoxification any impurities. This mask will keep your skin feels moisturize, uplift and firm the skin, anti-aging and also remove pigmentation. Same like any other treatment, NO PAIN, Simple close your eyes and let the machines do it works. You can sleep if you want too! Hehee..

Overall, I'm SATISFIED with the facial treatment at Soul Beauty. Not only facial treatment but they also will do facial massage and shoulder massage! The beauticians that treats me that day was good with massage. Shout Out to Amy! Hehhee.. I can see that all the beauty consultants are will-trained because I feel comfortable while doing all the treatments. Honestly speaking, I feels happy with the treatment and this is the facial treatment that I feels the effects right away and I went home with no redness or pain feeling. 

They also give me Soul Beauty Repair Essence that comes in a box with small 5 tubes in it (5x5ml)

This repair essence has a light weight texture that absorbs quckly and sotens the appearance of lines and wrinkles to give skin a smoother, more youthful appearance. This will helps to restore skin renewal. make your skin looking younger and glow. Simply apply a thin layer day and night. So far I'm lovin' it! Hehee..

Soul Beauty have total of 7 branches in Malaysia located at Puchong, Sunway Giza, Ampang, Mid Valley, Klang ,Seremban, and Penang. You can choose any outlet near you. Pay them a visit to pamper your face and relieve the tension, as their well-trained and professional consultant will help you. Hehee.. Let's moving forwards to more beautiful life with confidence and enjoy our life to the fullest! Hehehee..

For more info, check out their:-

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