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Breena Beauty Perfect Eyes Collection | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Recently, Breena Beauty launched their NEW products that it the Purrfect Eyes Collection which consist of 2 products that is  Volumizing Mascara and Precision Eyeliner. Breena Beauty is a local brand from Malaysia that currently growing in the market and you can read more review I made about their products on my blog HERE. So far I'm pretty-liking all the products they come out with especially their beauty sponges and brushes. But now, let's jump into their NEW release products shall we? Hehee..


This is how the packaging for their mascara looks like. The color of their packaging more like silver pink looking like. it is smaller in size compare to any regular mascara in the market. It claims to be the blackest black mascara with voluminous and lengthening effect. It will last up to 8 hours and easy to remove with warm water which referring that as is not a waterproof mascara. 

The mascara is formulated with Collagen, Vitamin E & Argan Oil.

Collagen: enhance the thickness of your lashes
Vitamin E: protect and straightens lashes
Argan Oil: a Natural Oil to make Your Lashes grow

It has a curved shape brush for maximum volume effect

Close up look on the wand/applicator

Price: RM45.00

My verdicts:-
Hmmm.. my first impression trying out this mascara is HMMM.. How would I describe it yeahh.. It apply easily but not that impressive as what it claims. So, I bring a long this mascara to everywhere I go because I want to test & try it out for several times to see how it works. Still... hmm.. I have the love-hate relationship with it. I think is mascara is for those who have long lashes and want to enhance a bit more. As my lashes is at medium-type so the mascara looks natural on me. Nothing voluminous or lengthening happen on me. My friend didn't even notice I wear mascara. LOL. This is my personal opinion as I saw some of beauty blogger saying the mascara works on them but maybe not on my lashes. Plusss..when I remove it leaves the "panda-looking" eyes. So, be careful when you want to removes it. Maybe I put high-hopes on this.


This is how the eyeliner looks like. I love the packaging.. It comes in a black packaging and the size of the eyeliner kinda bulky-a-bit compare to any eyeliner in the market. But that doesn't borders me at all. I'm okay with it. It is claims to be a water-based and highly pigmented eyeliner that can last up to 8 hours and easy to remove with warm water, 

Since it is a water-base eyeliner, thus is glides smoothly and no-alcohol in it so it won't irritate your eyes. 

This is how the applicator looks like. It has a flexible felt brush tip for that precise application. I like the applicator as it really helps me to get the cat-eye looks easily. 

Price: RM29.00

My verdicts:-
Thank goodness their eyeliner works well. Hehehee.. I almost disappointing with their mascara but their eyeliner works pretty well. FUHH~  I like the color which is true black and the felt brush tip does play the role well. It last pretty well on my eyes as you know I sweat a lot and after 8 hours I can still see the eyeliner still there but with a little bit a smudge EHEE.. It does not causing any irritation on my eyes or what-so-ever. Just like any other eyeliner I've tried before. I'm okay with it as long it doesn't causing panda's eye. Hehee..

I'm using Breena Beauty Perfect Eyes Collection 

Close up look

Overall, I like the eyeliner in this Purrfect Eyes Collection but they can improve more on their mascara. I'm writing this based on my personal experience, other people might have different/better experience, who knows... I believe they can do better works on that (like they did on their beauty sponge and brushes).  Anyway, I hope you find my review helpful for you. 

Till then, xoxo

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