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Clear Turn BABYISH Face Mask | review

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Who else dream to have  the baby-smooth-skin now??? Kita geng!!  Yes, I definitely need that baby-smooth skin back as I do the analysis saying that my skin actually "older" than my age where it is lack or hydration and tend to dry. Because my skin is combination so it is a bit tricky to take care of as if you lack of hydration it leads to dry skin when you put too much hydration it lead to oily which can also causing acne. Anyway, Despite having "weird" skin type, you always need to make sure you cleanse your skin properly and of course to add more "spice" to your skincare regime, you can always apply face mask sheet. SO today, I want to share with you one of my current favorite sheet mask that is Clear Turn Babyish Sheet Mask from Kose Cosmeport. 

This is how the mask looks like. As you can see they have 3 variant which I will share in details later. But first check out how cute is the baby in the cover of the packaging.. AWWWW!  Give me the baby skin nowww pleaseeeeee...

Just to let you know that this brand is actually NO.1 selling brand in Japan for their sheet mask for 8 years in a row! Well, you know what it means if they can maintain the title well in Japan, that's mean this mask works great. Clear Turn have an extensive selection from full-face masks to dedicated masks for around the eyes and mouth but I'm going to share more about the Babyish version. 

Like I mention earlier, they have 3 types which is Highly Moisturizing Lustrous Mask (YELLOW), Moisturizing Mask (PINK), and White Mask (WHITE). 

Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Highly Moisturizing Lustrous Mask (YELLLOW)
The combination of honey, collagen, peppermint will  restores skin's moisture levels and leave your skin plenty exfoliated and rejuvenated. It will helps in balance-up your skin moisturizing level and also keep your skin plump and shine in a beautiful way. 

Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Moisturizing Mask (PINK)
The combination of glycerin, chamomile extract, sorbitol and peppermint extract will retains skin's moisture as these are the main moisturizing ingredients. Not forgetting. Hyaluronic Acid to provides intense hydration to  make your skin feel fresh and hydrated after used it. 

Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish White Mask (WHITE)
It is formulated with a rich blend of hyaluronic acid, citric acid, peppermint extract and chamomile to boost skin clarity and provide full conditioning.  Contains of Vitamin C will also helps to improves skin tone and lightens dark marks. Meanwhile the Strawberry Geranium extracts will reduces inflammation. This combination will restore your skin clarity. 

This mask has no fragrance, coloring-free, alcohol-free, surfactant-free, silicone-free, mineral oil free. It is safe to be used for any skin type but make sure you check the ingredient first and ensure you have no allergic reaction to it yeah!

I need to explain about the packaging wise first, This mask is slightly unique compare to the regular mask out there as in one pack, contains about 7 piece of mask. Which means 1 pack of masks last for 7 days. If you notice, they have the sealed on top of it, so that you can sealed back the packaging after used it.

This is how it looks like on the inside. 

This is how the sheet looks like. The sheet thickness is medium and the mask sheet design easily fit to my face but not fully cover to my forehead (dahi luas.. Hahahaa). It is also an everyday use mask that able to provide intensive care treatment for the use of just 5 - 10 minutes

My verdict:-
I've been using this for 3 packs now and so far I really love the essence of this mask. Now I know why people in Japan love it. The essence works wonder on the hydration parts where it is not to watery or sticky. You can simply tap-tap the essence onto the skin and it will quickly penetrate onto the skin and your skin will instantly feel hydrated. Sometimes, I used this mask before apply makeup to give extra care to my skin and my makeup looks wonder the whole day. I also used it at the night time and so far I'm loving the essence. But I'm not a fan of the thickness of the sheet mask. LOL!   As I normally prefer the thin sheet mask instead. Hehee.. But it doesn't matter much as I love how the essence works! So, case closed! Hahhahahahaa.. 

Price: RM23.90
Availability:  Guardian and any other leading pharmacy. 

Overall, I think it is worth to try this mask as the price point also affordable. RM23.90 for 7 sheets. Berbaloi la jugakk! Kalau ada sale lagi berbaloi-baloi. Hehheee.. I think that's all my review on this mask. You can check out more on my IGStory Highlight. As I talked about this mask as well. 

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