Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The brands under KOSE Cosmeport

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A multinational personal care company, Kose Cosmeport are now in Malaysia. I think they're in Malaysia for quite sometimes now but they recently laucnhes new products that you can directly get it from any drugstore in Malaysia. There are total of 4 brands under Kose Cosmeport which includes Clear Turn (mask sheet), Softymo (skincare), Suncut (sunscreen) and Je L'aime (haircare).

Suncut has been No.1 suncare brand in Japan for 7 years in row! WOWWW! They offer more variants in their sunscreen range from UV gel to milk, essence and spray. You know you can;t go out without applying any sunscreen right?? You have to give protection to your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

1. Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Spray Super Water Proof (RM69.90)
2. Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Essence Super Water Proof (RM59.90)
3. Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Milk Super Water Proof (RM59.90)

Everyone wish to get back the baby smooth skin right?? This is what Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Face Mask claims to do! This is their No.1 best-selling items that contains ample beautifying ingredients for different skin issues. It have several different type from full-face masks to dedicated amsk for around eyes and mouth. It only took you 5-10 minutes to get the intensive care treatment. In 1 pack of mask contains 7 sheets mask the price is RM23.90 (which makes RM3.42/each)

The mask sheets come out with 3 ranges which is:-
YELLOW: Clear Turn Babyish Highly Moisturizing Lustrous Mask (7 sheets)
PINK: Clear Turn Moisturizing Mask (7 sheets) 
BLUE: Clear Turn Babyish White Mask (7 sheets)

 Softymo offered wide verity of lineup with particular care to skin issue, pleasant sensations and beautifying ingredients to meet everyone needs. When I first saw this clenaser I was like.. WHUTT?? the packaging is bigger than any regular cleanser you can get in the market as hte net weight is 190g!! (normal cleanser weight 80-100g). The price is only RM39.90!!! Super-worth of the money.This claims to be a face cleanser that able to clean away makeup, impurities and dirt in pores with mild and dense foam. 

You can get 3 different type of the cleanser:-
BABY BLUE: Softymo Cleansing Foam Collagen 190g
RED: Softymo Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid 190g
BLUE: Softymo Cleansing Foam WHite 190g

Here some other products under KOSE Cosmeport. 
They have wide ranges of products from head to toe. These products available in Guardian now! 

I will share my review on each product later. Give me some times to try and experience it myself cause you know me, I don't review products that I didn't used. Ihikss.. 

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